Saturday, April 10, 2010

Zuma Dogg TWITTER Update for Saturday April 10, 2010 - Lots of L.A. Budget & FBI Investigation of Eric Garcetti Comedy!

[Pictured: The city is in a budget meltdown and Garcetti's office under FBI investigation over shady email chain regarding senior housing...but let's keep site on the REAL PROBLEM with L.A.: The volume of my voice.]
  • "TO ALL OF OUR SURPRISE": When a mayor starts saying stuff like that, he may as well just start reading the Serenity Prayer at conferences.
  • "To all of our surprise..." L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa on budget meltdown miracle. (Must be like a kid hoping Santa brings BEST GIFT EVER!)
  • WAY TO HAVE FIRM ASSESSMENT OF MUNICIPALITY: "To all of our surprise..." Why don't you just admit you have NO IDEA of budget realities, AV?
  • HOW YOU KNOW SOMEONE HAS NO CLUE AND IS COMPLETELY KNOWLEDGELESS AND RUDDERLESS: Says, "to all of our surprise," in addressing budget issue.
  • HOW YOU KNOW SOMEONE IS A FULL OF SHIT IDIOT: One day it's a MUNICIPAL MELTDOWN. Next day you say, "to all of our surprise," crisis solved.
  • I happen to remember, the day Eric Garcetti approved FBI investigated housing project in his district, he was dressed IMPECCABLY w nice tie!
  • AT LEAST IT WAS POLITE!: When Eric Garcetti & Council approved Bonnie Brae FBI investigated project at least it was calm, polite discussion.
  • WILL MAYOR ERIC GARCETTI RUN L.A. LIKE THIS?: City NOW ON THE HOOK FOR $26 MIL now that FEDS have PULLED money on FBI investigated project.
  • HOW YOU GET A FREE ZD COMPLIANCE LESSON: IF ZD mentions your community blight and you say, "So what, it isn't bothering you," WRONG ANSWER!
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  • HOW FUN!: More people walking down the street past my window at 2:20am, than during the day. Must mean I live in fun area! THEY TALK LOUD!
  • PIECES COMING TOGETHER ON FBI INVESTIGATION Into Affordable Housing in Former Mayoral Hopeful Eric Garcetti's Distr...
  • If Eric Garcetti wanted to be mayor, looks like he should have run for controller. ZD's Batcomputer did the math: It's OVER for Eric!
  • THOUGHT THERE WOULD BE FIVE?: Only FOUR (4) FEDERAL INVESTIGATIONS in L.A., now. Pensions, LAUSD, Downtown Real Estate & Garcetti's Housing.
  • As someone who attended majority of Council meetings over past 4 yrs when all the bad stuff was going down, I'M A TRAUMATIZED CRIME WITNESS!
  • ZUMA DOGG TRAUMATIZED AS CRIME WITNESS: As person who holds longest streak of council meetings, was HORROR to watch City Hall destroy L.A.!
  • JAY LENO/TONIGHT SHOW: "I have a better idea: Why don't we shut down the mayor's office FIVE days a week. That's what caused the problem!"
  • DON'T TELL ME! Zuma Dogg now no longer only comedian using City Hall for material: Jay Leno Tonight Show making fun of the mayor's office!
  • Zuma Dogg - L.A. City News "VIDEO Week In Review" (Comedy & Municipal Tragedy)
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  • UNPRECEDENTED IN RADIO INDUSTRY: What ZD considers KRLA Kevin James' involvement and interaction with local community members on issues.
  • I can tell you as someone who worked at major radio stations across U.S., most hosts HIDE to AVOID listeners AT ALL COST: NOT Kevin James!
  • The GREAT thing about KRLA's KEVIN JAMES is he is the talk show host who mingles and attends community events with his audience: SUPER RARE!
  • Unfortunately, the semi-rehabilitation of Uncle MC Zuma Dogg included not going to City Council meeting for over a month during illegal ban.
  • Zuma Dogg - LA City News: VIDEO Week In Review - ZUMA DOGG on KRLA Kevin James Show on FBI Investigation into Eric ...
  • After an intense two years on the street pushing way too hard, after almost 4 months with a bed and four walls, ZD feeling human, again!
  • SPIRIT LIFTER: Roy Orbison's rockin' drummer son Al, contacted ZD to let him know he wants to drop off rare "family" box set as housewarmer!
  • LA City News - Week In Review: F.B.I. Probes Affordable Housing Scheme In Eric Garcetti's District and L.A. City Bu...

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