Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Zuma Dogg Twitter Update for Wednesday April 7, 2010

  1. NOW POSTED: Video from today's council meeting about 2 day shut down. CLA tell Council, mayor does not have authority.
  2. Villar Recall team tells me all other recalls on hold to focus on Mayor V. Glad to hear that! Contact ZD if you want to collect signatures.
  3. LESS THAN <>
  4. Although I'm not part of Recall Villaraiogsa campaign, people are contacting me about it, MORE TODAY. If U contact me, I'll give U details.
  5. To fellow Clevelanders Jan Perry & Herb Wesson, Zuma Dogg is BIGGER than Houlihan & Big Chuck, these days. Thanks for the help! ZD
  6. VIDEO: L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraiogsa Speaks on L.A. Budget Mess...AND THE LITTLE DUMMY IS "STILL" PUSHING THE GRE...
  7. LT GOV CANDIDATE JANICE "KAHN" HAHN at today's L.A. City Council meeting on budget issue: "Whah, Rwhah, Rwha, Rwha! Whah, whah, whah. RHAH!"
  8. Hey Douchetonio, guess who is proud owner of the shiny, new domain URL, Thanks to person who got it for me!
  9. OH, I can ABSOLUTELY feel the difference, out there, based on people contacting me, between yesterday and today. TIPPING POINT, Y'ALL!
  10. I CAN TELL YOU RIGHT NOW; TODAY, a WHOLE lot more people have become outraged, cause ZD has been contacted a lot today about yanking Villar.
  11. WANNA MOVE TO L.A.?: Forget what you're hearing on CNN and reading in Wall St Journal, L.A. is FAN-tastic. Ritz-Carlton Condos, NOW OPEN!
  12. CITY CODE VIOLATORS REJOICE: Any resources Trutanich's Attorney's Office has being used for Marijuana collectives. City going un-enforced.
  13. Whatever scarce resources/personnel Trutanich's City Attorney Office has, MUST all be spent on preparing Marijuana law. All else can wait?
  14. City of L.A.: Not good at cutting spending; not good at attracting business/revenue, not good at debt collection. GREAT TASTE, LESS FILLING!
  15. I'm broadcasting my live Stickam stream at started: Wed, 13:06 PDT
  16. City Council warmin' ya up for the DWP rate increase. IT'S COMING, and they'll figure out a way to do it in less than 3 months.
  17. INTERNATIONAL ALERT: Now Streaming Los Angeles City Council Meeting LIVE DISCUSSION of Actually Shutting Down City ...
  18. A community member/multiple property owner who was watching council meeting just called ZD for first time to say, "DAMN, you called this!"
  19. I wonder when people watch council meetings, these days, if they say, "Wow! ZD has been saying this all along." Street feedback says, "Yes!"
  20. I'm broadcasting my live Stickam stream at started: Wed, 11:05 PDT
  21. I REALLY have NO IDEA what makes Councilman Jose Huizar think ANYONE in the city gives a SHIT what that clown has to say? HE= THE PROBLEM!
  22. L.A. CITY MELTDOWN ALL OVER CNN: CM Parks was on this morning, now douchebag dummy mayor trying to spin this mess. LOL! He's TOAST!
  23. L.A. CITY BUDGET CRISIS INTERNATIONAL NEWS: CM Bernard Parks on CNN this morning talking about City shutting down to 3 days a weeks. OH MY!

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