Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blog note from Zuma Dogg (No need to read this unless you are a nutty comment section reader of other nutty blogs)

FIRST OF ALL, as if anyone but people who read the comment section of other blogs care, but for the record: This blogspot URL is LADailyBlog.blogspot.com. I redirect other URLs to this blog, as it is serving as my main website, too, since Blogger is so flexible and I like it better than a website.

But as I wanted to expand BACK into other areas of my creativity -- PRE-city hall activism, I have taken the LA DAILY BLOG title off the header and replaced it "Zuma Dogg" in the past...but I know people are so used to the LA Daily Blog name, I didn't want to create confusion, so I always switch it back.

Then recently...as the city is now confronting everything I just spent the past four years detailing to a "t" -- I felt like pointing my creative focus toward some other things I was into before activism, that helped me be a better gadfly/blogger over the past four years, to take some time to share it with others and for myself, since I needed to immerse myself in some of this material, too.

AND SINCE IT WASN'T THE SAME CITY HALL BLOGGING YOU WERE USED TO, I changed the name to Human Awareness Training -- also to call attention to what I think is needed at city hall. (Methods for management of quality and productivity and a better understanding of some other "people business" concepts.

And it still allowed me to cover city hall in the way I did with the DWP workers drinking at strip clubs story, when I applied the concepts to the story. And I like KILLING the LA Daily Blog name, cause it represents a certain energy I am not trying to harvest.

BUT THEN, the KNBC 4 piece hit, and so that obviously brought the energy back to that direction for now: So I just changed it to "Zuma Dogg" on the header, which will allow me to blog about the entire spectrum of the world of Zuma Dogg without having to worry about fitting into the confines of the LA Daily Blog title.

But all URLs still point to the same blog and people can/will still refer to it as LA Daily Blog. But it was nice to see LA Weekly refer to it as "Zuma Dogg's blog." So that's the title! (Until I feel like switching it back at some point for whatever nutty reason.)

AND NOW...on with actual things that matter that you may feel there is more and more of a whole for on a daily basis, if you read SOME blogs.

BLOG NET NEWS RANKER: Don't get your panties all up in a wad. When ZD posts a thread or two throughout the week, the blog will come in #1, most likely when I am firing on all cylinders. The blog has spent more time at #1 in the 12 week rolling average ranker than any blog on the ranker. OF COURSE when I take a week off from posting -- or post one thread for the week -- the blog will fall in the ranker. For comparison, Mayor Sam's blog came in #1 this week FOR THE FIRST TIME! This blog has spent WEEKS at #1 in the 12 WEEK ranker. Meanwhile, as a Deming fan, I HATE the being in the BNN ranker and it becomes a treadmill that keeps you going. (Well, can I hit #1? Oh, now can I STAY #1? Now let's see how long I can STAY #1?) I've thought of yanking my blog out of the ranker, but I always remember why I signed up in the first place...it feeds your story into their news feed and it directs a lot of traffic to the blog -- AND THAT IS THE POINT...to direct traffic to help expose things on a higher platform. BUT, at this point, I am happy to report, I do not feel the need to push to try and maintain ranking. And if I did, don't you think I would have mentioned my blog URL on Kevin James, last night...or all the other recent times. I DON'T CARE ABOUT RANKING!!! I'VE SPENT WEEKS AT #1, and it doesn't mean I have a penny at the end of the day, week or 12 weeks. When people stop me on the street and recognize me like the guy at the bike tire shop today (see below), it isn't cause of blogs....blogs are STILL only a small core, relativity speaking in ZD's world, at least. So chill out -- and I hope I have the $10-$20 bucks I need a day to keep things smooth with undisrupted service on this blog. (The way the blog looks today.) Cause at the end of the day, if nothing else, it's my own creative outlet and I'm always going to want to put things down here, for the record. This whole internet and blog technology is anyone's GREATEST creative vehicle. WOW, sure wish I had it as a kid instead of an 8 track machine. And with Twitter and all the news feeds, I can post stories from across the net that catch my attention and fit the focus of my blog for stories that don't require and entire thread. (See ZD Twitter Feed on this blog.) My blogging output is just a matter of if I have the nutrition to make it a full blast effort, or once or twice a week things. But for example, I got a flat tire on my bicycle, so THAT emergency repair set me back a WHOLE DAY'S FOOD BUDGET and I a back to $0.00 -- and we know what comes next...


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