Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good Pre-Memorial Day Weekend Morning From Zuma Dogg - STP Week Kicks Off Summer 2010 in L.A.!

[Pictured: Playing KROQ Weenie Roast and did Jimmy Kimmel, last night. ZD's personal pleasure STP. Details.]

Weather reporters are saying it's gonna be a BE-UTIFUL Memorial Day Weekend. If ZD able to walk around, look for him on the Venice Beach Boardwalk this weekend, hopefully. But you should try to take a trip this weekend, anyway. Parking by Rose is a lot better than the main center area, people usually head toward. You can park at Rose & Navy for $8 bucks, anytime. And Rose and Main has an all day meter lot at a good rate. So come on down this weekend, since the weather is gonna be good.

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS WEEK!: And what better way to kick off summer, than with a great new Stone Temple Pilots album, released this week. (Listen to all tracks free on if you already have an account - or hear :30 clips if you don't have an account.) The band is back after a loooooooooooong breakup that you were just tapping your foot waiting for the inevitable triumphant reunion. And the sound is BACK! And some new heights on the songwriting, production and performance. I've known the guitarist, Dean Deleo, for years and he has really become much better as STP guitarist after working with and producing many other diverse artists while the group was on "hiatus." You can hear some of the new tracks now streaming on this blog. I'm TELLING you...Dean Deleo is the best songwriting, producer, guitarist in the business! You can tell a little bit more on this new album what he and his brother Robert can REALLY do! (Check Dean's solo on "Hickory Dichotomy." Best solo since Foghat's "Slow Ride." AND, the solo on "Maver" creates a cosmic-crunch tone that soars to the stars like something only George Harrison could create.) But I'm partial cause Dean's a friend and overall great guy. BUT I WOULD STILL THINK SO, ANYWAY!

(When I started my "Zuma Dogg Show" on public access in Malibu, in 2000, Dean was actually the first person to leave a message on the voice mail number I posted at the end of the show, but he didn't say his name, and I didn't know it was him, till I bumped into him at Starbuck's one day and he told me he left that message. And when I told him I was at an early STP show in NYC where the band wore KISS make-up, he was BLOWN AWAY, cause that was a tough ticket to get and proved to him I was a real fan. I ended up getting to hear exclusive demos on projects that were never released in his truck in the Starbuck's parking lot!!! Then he drove me up to his house and showed me a picture from the show he had hanging up on the wall! AND, he shouted me out from on-stage at an STP show, one time...BUT HE CALLED ME BY MY REAL NAME "DAVE," SO WHY BOTHER, BRO? ULTIMATE FAN STORIES, Y'ALL!!! But that's just cause Dean is so cool. His "Behind-The-Music" has it's share of ups and downs in between this triumphant new album. And it's very inspiring to see that you can't hold back such an immutable force.)

Click here for ZD's STP FM Style Radio Show featuring full new tracks & NEW STP LIVE tracks.

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