Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Interesting Evening...Will Blog ALL NEW Posts & Video with MORE DETAILS on KNBC 4 INVESTIGATION into City Hall trips Tuesday Afternoon (Hopefully!)

WHEW! Watch those 9am budget meetings...they're a doosey. Makes people like Grieg Smith start yelling like Zuma Dogg, saying things like, "I think we should tell the county to go to hell...blah, blah, blah." Bet THAT won't make it to council week in review on TV 35.

Had a great call on Kevin James' KRLA show where he played the entire KNBC 4 clip (along with HIS hilarious commentary), and then ZD called in to pile on, with the added bonus details they didn't have time to include in the segment. (Cause it's a lot of shadiness for only a half hour news show.)

I did a long video already tonight with all the details, but the file was too big and can't upload it on YouTube or Stickam for some reason. So I'll have to do TAKE TWO, LIVE on Tuesday. So check back for that. And I'll type up the notes into a blog post, for the record.

ALSO... The Office of Meruelo Maddux!!! BETTER CALL MIKE, P-R-O-N-T-O and tell him he can pick up his tools, per court order. ZD needed some cabinet work done, so he called your former construction engineer, Mike, to help him out. And he said he is GLAD to, but YOU have not given him his tools back. SO THAT REMINDED ME...YOU ARE PADDING YOUR FEDERAL BANKRUPTCY SETTLEMENT WITH BANK OF AMERICA WITH FAKE CREDITORS, BRO!

Better call Mike, NOW...and tell him when he can pick up his tools today so he can help me with that cabinet. Cause Mike has SO MUCH time on his hands, since YOU have HIS (court ordered back) tools, he wants to come over and spend all day showing me bankruptcy documents and things he says will BLOW BLOOMBERG'S MIND! (The news service, not the mayor.) ZD currently looking for the reporters email address, cause I know the L.A. Times won't write anything negative about MM. ZD feels this stuff is Wall St Journal worthy. Maybe it's worth you keeping his tools for no reason, after all.

ANYWAY...more to come in the early afternoon (hopefully).

AND THANKS TO KNBC 4 for doing the story about city hall's shady spending. Many of the bloggers and activists know about this stuff, but this exposes it to the Lakers & Dodger fans, among those too lazy to switch station between the prime time show they were watching - and Leno.

But these types of stories are going to become more and more rare as news rooms make cuts in newspapers, tv and radio. And this type of story took MONTHS to complete. But these are the types of things that stick with people come voting time. The kind of story that ZD hears from his NON-activist friends he knew from PRE-city hall days, saying, "YEAH! That SUCKS!" So thanks to KNBC 4 for spending time and resources on this. AND to Kevin James for talking about it last week...and playing it back this week - and to LA Weekly for re-capping it on their blog and linking to mine. All of it might be enough to keep these mainstream TV stations doing more of this.

AND QUICK BUDGET RECAP: As good of a chance of Council & Mayor solving budget crisis as Zuma Dogg solving a mixed up Rubik's cube. More on that, maybe too. But I just don't think you are going to get certain factions of council to ever agree...and a lot of the budget is smoke and mirrors and unrealistic, again. And the process is too complicated. And cause of E-RIP, they ain't gonna be able to get squat done. It's all a dead cat bounce, as they say on Wall Street. (Oops, sorry I said, "Wall Street," Eric.) ZD PREDICTION - (Not kidding!): FEDS will have to get involved. NO OFFENSE TO ANY ONE INDIVIDUAL AT THIS POINT, AND I MEAN THAT...it's too unmanageable at this level.

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