Monday, May 31, 2010

It's Over!

IT'S OVER! i've tried to push and keep the ball rolling, at least on this blog. but it is very over. very, very over. But, IT, my O-VER! IT'S OVER! IT IS OVER! THERE IS NO COMEBACK. I ONLY BURN MYSELF OUT AND MAKE THINGS WORSE MAKING ATTEMPTS AND EFFORTS THAT ONLY SET ME BACK WORSE. can't start a fire without a spark, and you can't spark zuma dogg on another day waking up with his stomach churning away. i'm known to be someone who can push hard, but i am SO out of push...having to pull a new rabbit out of the hat EVERY SINGLE DAY from complete scratch...and i'm out of rabbits and hats. go ahead and laugh, or criticize, or make fun, or whatever. all i know i we have a rapidly sinking ship situation and i can tell it's winding down when i am in bed on memorial day weekend. have a nice life. I WON'T! Good night. time for zd's beautiful memorial day 2pm nap. i only waited months for today. nice to have a beautiful day to sleep away. there's no value in generating a creative effort to creating top of mind awareness in this city. doesn't get you anything but, "sorry, no," from anyone who is a decision maker. EVERYONE ELSE LOVES ME, THOUGH!

UPDATE (Non-related, but also relevant to an "It's Over" headline, too.): If you ever have a marketing budget and need to reach the masses with your message, hire me as a spokesperson. Otherwise, look for me on Santa Monica State Beach or Broad Beach. And look for my new book, "The Downgrading of Los Angeles." The name of my new book on strategically planning for the future of L.A. from a marketing viewpoint, based on looking at the crowd of people who showed up to Venice Beach, this weekend. The people showing up ain't what they used to be. And I'm not talking about the artists and vendors. Not much of a future based on the people I saw, all weekend. YIKES! Don't expect anything but words like, "lower" and "plummeting" regarding L.A. City. And property values?: How are they going to go UP, when we are becoming a ".99 Cent Store" society? DOWNGRADING! SELL! AIN'T GOING BACK UP! WE ARE IN A NEW ECONOMIC AND DEMOGRAPHIC ERA!

Call for a free consultation as to what "The Downgrading of Los Angeles" means to YOU as a business or property owner. And the marketing direction you should be taking for products and services in the future.

Ex: Become a high-fashion designer of XXX-Large products for the new generation of XXX-large people. (Cause it looked like a bunch of Veruca Salt's AFTER chewing the gum, walking down Venice Beach boardwalk this weekend. Which reminds me, health care is going to SKYROCKET in demand as more and more people will be suffering health problems at a much earlier age. So keep health care investments in mind.)

Create a software program to help keep better track of LAUSD truants and school-aged dropouts and sell it to the district.

A builder of housing?: Go small and cheap but make it look nice and fresh. Downtown should have gone with more 500 sq foot units for young people moving to L.A. to get started. If you are building apartments for families, again...nice and fresh...but scale down the sizing. KEEP IT SMALL, but nice. (That's the compromise the next generation will be accepting.)

FOOD TRUCKS are the future! But don't just think "food truck": Start operating RETAIL TRUCKS. (A rolling .99 cent/7-11 type store for staple goods and basic convenience products.)

YES, there will still be five star restaurants opening up that will be all the sensation, and rightfully so, if you can achieve that level of quality. And there will still be rich customers to cater to. But that is not the growing niche. When you look at the BIG PICTURE opportunities, it's stuff like a "second hand Best Buy" kind of store. Not a pawn shop with crappy, outdated junk. But there are good condition "previously owned" cars of luxury quality. There needs to be a "super store" of really good "previously owned" stuff you get at "Best Buy." Then, people can also bring their stuff to your store to sell. It can be a whole new market! I'd go BIG with the "previously owned" category of retail outlets.

Whatever it is you are looking at, if you have a 3-5 year outlook, make sure you look at it through a "How can we downgrade this," lens? YOU'LL HIT IT BIG! (Do they have an ETF that "shorts" L.A.? If so, BUY!)

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