Wednesday, May 19, 2010

NEW Zuma Show NOW STREAMING (More City Hall Travel Expense Details) & L.A. City News Feed (News Aggregation) for Wed 5/19/20

  • Subway to The Sea Tunnel Meeting: A meeting was held Tuesday night to give Westside residents a better idea of wha...
  • CalPERS demands $600M: Facing massive investment losses, key committee of CalPERS... (INVESTMENT LOSSES NOT OVER!)
  • RT @LANow: Villaraigosa heads back to Washington for Calderon visit (Good, get irrelevant idiot out of town!) After he just said will work "as hard as he can until July on budget & union concessions." (Whenever he's in town, that is!)
  • LA WEEKLY: LAPD Front Desks Could Be Abandoned At Night To Save Money - (AT NIGHT? That's when YOU need police MOST!)
  • Breaking news: LA County supervisors say more cuts possible: Facing an additional loss of $1.2 billion in revenue ...
  • POLITICAL STRATEGY CORNER: Some say Fabian Nunez will run for L.A. office. Can run on family values and his son can be Chief of Staff like Councilman Parks!
  • RT@villaraigosa: I'll work hard as I can between now and July with our partners in labor to achieve goal. (Great! Cause you're SO relevant!)
  • RT@villaraigosa: Council & I are on same page re: the budget. We want to make structural changes to put LA on sustainable path. THEN RESIGN!
  • RT @villaraigosa: We also hope to achieve concessions to reduce the number of layoffs. (To cover up the corrupt mess you created.)
  • RT @villaraigosa: Council and I are on the same page re: the budget. (Good, you were on the same page when you screwed it up.)
  • L.A. BUDGET BATTLE: After council find votes to cut 761 jobs, union coalition hints it will take action election time.:
  • Breaking news: Job-saving onus placed on unions: Having adopted a $6.7 billion budget for next year, City Council ...
  • RT @michaellinder: Eric Garcetti Media Dodge Day 7: Council President still refuses to meet with journalists re new press restrictions.
  • MERUELLO MADDUX did not call my friend to return his court ordered returned tools to him, so ZD sent email to Bloomberg. ALREADY HEARD BACK!
  • RT @LAObserved: Laura Chick says she warned City Hall about spending crisis early and often. (NOT ENOUGH, LAURA! What did you cause to change?)
  • NEW AUDIO: Zuma Dogg Breaks NEW DETAILS on KNBC 4 Investigation Into City Hall Trip Expenses on KEVIN JAMES KRLA Ra...

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