Thursday, May 20, 2010

Now Streaming - NEW Zuma Show for Thursday May 20, 2010 - Zuma Dogg Tells Most UN-Believable Story EVER, & L.A. Mayor Turns City Into National Joke

THURSDAY MAY 20, 2010 - 1AM: Was up during the overnight, so I cranked out the Zuma Show, now streaming, that I like a lot. (Wearing blue NC/Zuma Dogg shirt.) YES, I am STILL flat broke and the morning is when MY nightmare starts. And remember, to those who wonder how I can do a show, at took until 1am until I was able to post something. NOT a good sign. But I'll take at least ONE good hour, no matter what time it happens. And I felt like telling the story in the video. There's a good rant on Douchetonio and Janice "Con" Hahn and how badly they "F'd" up the reputation of L.A. in the eyes' of the rest of the county. The show is in a loop, so it will eventually come up.

2AM BLOG NOTE: I don't know WHAT happened today, or WHY...but I just checked FEEDBURNER stats for today, and Wednesday (5/19) was one of the most viewed days in this blog's history. (???) I think another blog linked to this blog, or something. Or maybe EVERYONE just decided to read at the same time? #1 BNN ranking this week all but certain. WHO CARES? I just had one of the most viewed days on my blog EVER and I'm going to sleep hungry and penniless. Interesting phenomenon. But as soon as I put the blog on "private," I get emails about it. LOL!


NOTE: To turn audio off of LIVE STREAM to hear THIS show, click little speaker icon on LIVE STREAM video player.

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