Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sorry for no new internet is SHUT OFF (for the obvious reason)

Like I said...sorry, but IT'S OVER! I have a lot to blog about and have a lot of energy (thanks to the free samples at the vitamin store), but Time Warner shut off my internet (for the obvious reason) although they left me with cable to torture me with TV 35 and the Council meetings. And like Elton said in, "Rocket Man," I think it's gonna BE a LONG, LONG time (till internet connection is back).

So looks like ZD is forced even FURTHER into retirement and will be forced to spend more time doing other things than surfing the net all day for city news and blogging LIVE video streams.

I've really been enjoying it. Might have to go for another 30 day ban -- and I'm SURE I'll never get on top of this cable bill and the guy is already calling to pick up the equipment.

Hope the weather is nice. Looks like it's gonna be a lot of time, "on the beach," as they say. ZD

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