Friday, May 21, 2010

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This week, thousands of new readers are flocking to this blog on a daily basis. (Thanks to the added email blasts and link hook-ups from ZD's internet helpers!) So this weekend, I'm going to program some of the "Best of" material for new readers/viewers to recap some of the bigger fraud, waste and abuse bamboozles of the past couple years. All of it resulting into the worst municipal crisis in U.S. history, also resulting in Los Angeles becoming a laughing stock. comedy grist mill for late night talk show hosts and punching bag for the rest of the country, thanks to the brilliant PR strategies and comments of Mayor Antonio Douchearaigosa. (He always wanted to go down in history, and he IS: Just not for what he hoped for.)

Watch the history of Zuma Dogg on YouTube, HERE.
And catch up on previous "Zuma Show" video news updates about L.A. City Council and City Hall, HERE

And here's a fun, blast-from-the-past video from last year when ZD ran for Mayor of L.A., and the city TV channel was FORCED to give me a 3 minute campaign spot. HERE IT IS! Hi, Richie alacrCON! (He pissed me off in chambers as I was heading off to cut this spot, so I remembered to include him, as well, you corrupt asshole, confused DICK (Richard) alarCON!

(Check the Bill Clinton "finger!")

BONUS VIDEO: Here's a recent "Zuma Show" (video news update). Zuma Dogg recaps DWP
workers drinking on the job at strip clubs, in trucks and parks -- and applies QUALITY
MANAGEMENT principals to the issue.

EXTRA BONUS VIDEO: Zuma Dogg Public Comment on City Council FIRST AMENDMENT Crackdown. (ZD says it is ILLEGAL, and is waiting for a ruling from a FEDERAL JUDGE and THEY ARE GOING TO LOSE. Don't be fooled by the response from the lying cry-pussy, Eric Garshady -- The leaderless-LOSER Council President who presided over this entire mess that led us to here. (Oh, I guess he is a LEADER. He LED us to disaster.)

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