Friday, May 28, 2010

Zuma Dogg 2010 Memorial Day Weekend Marathon...NOW STREAMING at

Free internet technology is great! Last "Memorial Day Weekend Zuma Dogg Marathon", it was nothing more than embedded YouTube videos that you had to click to watch. THIS YEAR, it's the Zuma Dogg Memorial Day Weekend Marathon with a LIVE webstream, featuring audio and video of the past 10 years of "Zuma Dogg" on public access (comedy/variety show) and political activism TV 35 public comments and radio calls. A lot of the stuff has never been posted on YouTube or the internet. So it's like the "Zuma Dogg Box Set" streaming LIVE, all Memorial Day Weekend, including previously unreleased music demos and other unreleased material. PLUS, I'll be breaking in LIVE, with NEW MATERIAL AND STELLAR PERFORMANCES THROUGHOUT THE WEEKEND. Check in throughout the weekend for programming, just like any other cable TV network.

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