Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Zuma Dogg LA CITY NEWS UPDATE for Wednesday April 5, 2010

No new post today since blogger is broke. Sorry.

Watch those new parking meters that take credit cards, though. They don't work in the dark (can't see keypad/can't use); water leaks in through the coin slot during the rain; and the city already had to hire workers to manufacture and then go out in the field and glue plastic rain shield covers on all the new meters (DEMING 14 PT TEXTBOOK CASE) -- and, most notably, in the time it takes to walk from your car over to the meter to pay for the time, traffic enforcement has already written a ticket and stuck in on your window. (Racketeering.) But I'm not paid to be an investigative reporter, so that's it for now. However, you WILL be seeing an investigative report on this issue, as usual, now that it has been covered here.

AND, IT'S RIORDAN'S FAULT!!!: Now that Former Mayor Richard Riordan sent (and had published) an article in today's Wall Street Journal, City Clowncil members like the cowardly sissy Grieg Smith (and Villaraigosa's "excuse puppet" CAO Miguel "Tipsy" Santana) are blaming Riordan because he didn't do anything about pension reform during his term and didn't allow DWP to raise rates during his term, and this is all coming back to haunt us now, cause of him. (I GUESS THEY ARE STILL IN DENIAL ABOUT A FEW THINGS THAT HAPPENED SINCE THEN. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY YOU FUCKING PUSSY-ASS GRIEG SMITH. For such a big guy, you sure are a sniveling little pussy, Grieg Smith...AND YOUR HEAD IS UP YOUR ASS...and THAT, my cowardly friend, is a LETHAL combination for the City of Los Angeles. AND, people hate you, Grieg, but I don't think you care, cause you have enough money pilfered off to the side that you accepted in plain white envelopes that you don't have to care, Grieg Smith. But a BIGGER FAILURE IN THE HORSESHOE, there never was, Greiggy-Poo!

OK, there's a little bit of a post. Wanna go full-blown, today...but seriously, I shouldn't have even logged on today. OUCH! HELP!

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