Friday, May 7, 2010

Zuma Dogg TWITTER UPDATE for FRIIIIIIIII-DAAAAAAAAAAY May 7, 2010 (A Whole Lot of Nuttiness In L.A.)

If you are an L.A. City landlord who wants to "get around" any new rent increase freeze (exemption), contact Zuma Dogg for consultation.

HERB WESSON says, "let's have a VERY SHORT discussion" on the rent increase freeze ordinance cause he became grandfather last night, and has to get back to hospital. SORRY HERB!

FRANK SHEFTEL: Excellent public comment about how collective he is part of was MISTAKENLY put on list of those to close. DEMING 14 PT ISSUE!


I want to live in a condo in South Beach or Manhattan, but I can't afford it. Should City Council in THOSE CITIES take action so I can?

Let's face it: L.A. City has higher unemployment than County & State and if you can't afford the're gonna have to move elsewhere.

L.A. Council want to freeze rent increases cause, "hard making ends meet in sour economy." My dad moved family from Pittsburgh to Cleveland.

EVEN BETTER: Instead of just freezing rents in L.A. since people are having tough times, how about L.A. City PAYING % of people's rent, too!

THOUGHT IT WAS CALLED "SUPPLY & DEMAND": Council to vote on rent hike freeze cause people are having tough time making ends meet? U R CRAZY!

Can you imagine if it was required to take down all Mexican flags in the U.S. on 4th of July? But some don't want U.S. flag on C. De Mayo?

The kids who were OUTRAGED over other kids wearing U.S. flag on C. De Mayo was LEARNED BEHAVIOR from teachers and parents. What a shame.

I GOTTA ADMIT: Seeing school kids protest others wearing U.S. flag on Cinco De Mayo really made me lose compassion for many of their causes.

I THINK A HUGE PROBLEM HAS BEEN EXPOSED regarding the future of this State when school kids are confused into being offended by U.S. flag.

To the misguided, crybabies offended over U.S. flag on Cinco De Mayo: It's not like they wore white hoods on MLK day, or Minuteman uniforms.

To the misguided crybabies who were offended by the U.S. flag on Cinco De Mayo: If Zuma Dogg has a celebration, he isn't offended by others.

Some don't want to see a U.S. flag on Cinco D Mayo? But no matter what your belief, in U.S., will always be another group along side you.

I feel very bad for the confused people who get offended when someone wears an American flag on Cinco De Mayo Day at school. Very misguided.

REMEMBER PEOPLE: The economic and entire future of L.A. City is directly tied to the performance of Wall Street this year. Good luck!

LA Council to vote on rent increase freeze because renters, "are having trouble making ends meet in sour economy." I thought this was U.S.?

Breaking news: LA City Council considers rent-hike moratorium: The Los Angeles City Council is scheduled to vote F...

A HISTORIC SCHMUCK: KABC radio show host John Phillips knows just enough about any topic to be an uniformed IDIOT. I think it's on purpose.


RT @latimes: Map shows L.A. pot dispensaries scheduled to close RT @LANow

Jerry Brown CALpers Lawsuits - ONLY THE BEGINNING OF PENSION FUND LAWSUITS?: - L.A. Fire & Pension Mentioned in article -

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