Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Zuma Dogg Twitter L.A. City Political Rants for Wednesday June 2, 2010. (The more I think about these elected officials, the crankier I get!)

  1. If CONTROLLER WENDY GREUEL DOES NOT audit the REAP (Rent Escrow) Accounts Receivable money, then SHE must have something to hide?!?!
  2. When it comes to being Lt Gov, at least you can say Janice Hahn is well-suited for the position because...(insert cricket sounds).
  3. The ONE good thing I can say about Dennis Zine...
  4. When you listen to LAUSD boardmember Nury Martinez speak, you just have to laugh, throw your hands in air and invest in handcuff companies.
  5. A clerk said, "Sorry, I have PMS." I said, "Sorry, don't know what that's like." She said, "I've seen you in morning. I think you DO!" LOL!
  6. Think Rhodes Scholar Council President, his prestigious majesty, @EricGarcetti had a nice Memorial Day worrying about his FBI investigation?
  7. Those of you critical of Villaraigosa's lavish gifts & VIP tickets fail to realize he is a sophisticated man and rising political superstar.
  8. A lot of local businesses in Tony Cardenas' district will have more money in their pocket when he is SOUNDLY defeated. No more shake downs!
  9. WILL BE ABLE TO TAKE MANY MORE LONG DRIVES TO NAPA VALLEY: Tony Cardenas has ZERO CHANCE of being re-elected. ZD already did the math!
  10. L.A. CITY COUNCILMAN TONY CARDENAS will be FIRST City Councilmember to LOSE incumbent seat, next election. IT'S OVER, TONY!
  11. NO easier person to get to comply with the law than a BUSINESS OWNER causing a nuisance. Might have to go "Zuma Dogg" on their ass, though.
  12. TRUST ME: If you know how to "persuade" an A-hole, you don't need to go to city council to get people in your community to comply with law!
  13. I wanna head to Mark Shitley-Thomas' office to give him a piece of my mind! But I only like walking on cherry wood floors. His are just oak.
  14. I think if you took a poll of L.A. County, most people would vote, YES," for the opportunity to smash clown Mark Shitley-Thomas in the face.
  15. There is no more dangerous of a combination than arrogant, vindictive, mean-spirited, selfishness; combined with helpless confusion=LAUSD.
  16. Ramon Cortinez is the nicest, thoughtful, articulate, mindful person I know, who also happens to be a complete head-up-his-ass moron, too.
  17. Even more than City Council, can you think of ANY more INEPT, helpless & IDIOTIC group of people than the LAUSD school board? Pure garbage.
  18. ZD: "The only comedian today wearing the comedy-genius mantle once borne by Lenny Bruce & Andy Kaufman." - M. Heaton/Cleveland Plain Dealer
  19. I really DO have a feeling that DAVID BARRON will be the next Councilman of CD 6, beating criminal minded Tony Cardenas in election! ;-)
  20. ZUMA DOGG SAYS, "NO" to shady City of L.A. trying to make REAP "outreach contractors" city employees. SHADY AS IT CAN GET! More to come...
  21. U.S. President Barack Obama REALLY DOES need to have someone look into HUD and what Mercedes Marquez & crew is doing under his rookie nose.
  22. Zuma Dogg DEMANDING Controller Greuel AUDIT REAP (Rent Escrow Program) incoming money (RECEIVABLE). If not, why not? Part of problem?
  23. GARSHADY vs DOGG: Garcetti says REAP (Rent Escrow) ISN'T shady. Zuma Dogg says it IS! CONTROLLER GREUEL, AUDIT REAP RECEIVABLE MONEY! (FBI!)
  24. Check out my original reggae dance tune, "My Love." Written, produced and performed by @ZumaDogg. A spirit lifter. -

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