Sunday, July 25, 2010

COMEDY BIT: Befuddled Mayor Anotnio VIllaraigosa Speaks Candidly and Stupidly to Daily News' Rick Orlov (Plus: Bonus Zuma Dogg Music Video)

TOO BIZARRE: Here is audio of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraiogsa speaking candidly and stupidly to Daily News reporter Rick Orlov. Perhaps the mayor is understandably on some serious pain medication after his bike accident. And if you listen to this audio, you may even be concerned he suffered long-term brain damage when his head hit the pavement. But it's hard to tell, for sure, cause he sounded like he had brain damage, BEFORE the fall. (Or at least acted like it.) Anyway...let the excuses fly...

BUT FIRST, today is the debut of my new political action - get out the vote song, "Take Back The City, Clean Sweep City Hall" and I didn't wanna bottle-cap my own new post with the mumbled rantings of a lunatic (Antonio's audio), so here's a little music video to warm you up for the mayor. It will put you in the proper frame of mind when you listen.

RE-TWEET OF THE DAY: RT @Villaraigosa: "In LA, if you can cook, you just need a truck & a twitter account to make your dreams come true. It's a beautiful thing!" (And if you are a corrupt, greedy, idiot, with CD 14 voter fraud you can become mayor. It's a terrifying thing.)

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