Friday, July 30, 2010

City Council Votes $7 Million Payment for DWP Bond Insurance on LAST DAY OF DEADLINE, But DWP Committee Didn't Have Quorum Yesterday(Illegal Payment?)

Here's one for the Ron Kaye blog fans. It's about DWP. Today at the Los Angeles City Council meeting, there was a $7 million bond payment that had to be made to a DWP insurer relating to the blown pipes from last year in Studio City area, and whatnot.

Jan Perry announced to the city, that today, the day the item was before us, was the final day to make the $7 million payment.

Ooops, that IS the kind of thing you like to let wait until the last day, when you have a stream of "Dog & Pony Show Friday" Presentations to get through. (Consider the council ended up losing a quorum in the 12 noon hour, cause SMART JOSE HUIZAR had to take a Ferris Huizar's Day off and leave the meeting, UNEXCUSED, BLOWING THE QUORUM, with an item on the board that didn't get to be voted on, along with the rest of today's items up for grabs on "The City Council's Price Is Right.")

BUT, they did put this item up front, right after the "Ass-Kissing Parade." So today was the last day, then Ms. Perry announced that yesterday's DWP committee meeting, where the $7 million bond payment was to be discussed (approved) -- THEY (the DWP committee) didn't seem to be able to muster a quorum, either. (Maybe they were taking a ride in Huizar's new $50,000 SUV?)

So it's possible this may become an "illegal payment" due to Brown Act violations. Because it was also announced that in an "emergency" situation, like one to make final actions on $7 million bond insurance payment...THE DWP COMMITTEE IS ABLE TO USE TELECONFERENCING TO MEET THE QUORUM!

In other words, whoever couldn't be there, could have called in on their cell phone. But even that must be too inconvenient for the DWP committee, because they didn't do that, and they didn't have a quorum. BUT, the item moved along into Council chambers, this morning, where something shady probably happened. (I gotta re-watch the item again to see what's there.)

And if you watch tonight's city council shenanigan's on TV 35 replay (or want to look on, wait till the last minute of the meeting (or fast forward on the net), for City Council President Eric Garcetti to bitch slap Ferris Huizar for leaving unexcused. (And there really IS no excuse for Jose.)

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