Tuesday, July 27, 2010

i think a friend of zd should contact me immediately about helping me immediately. (that means, today...this evening, right now)

wow, it really feels like the end of the line on this very regular tuesday evening. if I was my own friend, I would be doing something immediately this second for my friend zuma dogg. he really needs outreach, right now. if i were my own friend, WOW, would i be worried. i think he might slip this evening. it really is so over for him. the world really has closed to him. there really isn't anyone or anything left. and it's getting pretty uncomfortable and it really is time for some bail-out help beyond "hang in there wishes." i'm glad you have never felt this way. it's a feeling you want to make end immediately, no matter what you have to do. and it's only 5:27pm. i think things have played it's course. what did you expect? haven't you heard about us comedian types? Go ask Richard Jeni. He was doing a lot better than ZD.

TWEET OF THE DAY: I'm less productive & able today than I was when I was 12 yrs old, or when I was living on street. i'm telling you, something very wrong.

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