Saturday, August 21, 2010

Zuma Dogg Calls For Rest of L.A. to Secede From Valley (& MORE News, Politics & Comedy(?) for Saturday 8/21/10

[Pictured: Please do not look icon directly in eyes when walking down street. You wouldn't like it if YOU were an icon and people stared at YOU walking down the street, making you wonder if it's cause you're an icon, or cause you just look like a scary, crazy guy walking down the street.]

  1. YES, I'm TRYING to make you hate me. (Pretty effective, huh!) See tweets below. LOL ;-)
  2. Did u see story about folks staying in Woodland Hills (Valley) hotel? Ended up in hospital over bedbugs. Wouldn't happen at Westside hotel.
  3. Is it possible for the rest of L.A. to secede from the Valley? All they do is complain, have shadiest Councilmembers & burden rest of city
  4. As a Westside resident of L.A, I'm outraged on a daily basis on all the ways we get SCREWED by Valley Councilmembers and we bear the burden.
  5. HEY VALLEY PEOPLE: Be EXTRA CAREFUL since only Valley HAZMAT unit has been yanked. Don't need y'all hoggin' up Westside unit. Not OUR fault!
  6. RT @DWPBusters: @zumadogg OK Dude, you want to activate LA then get all your followers on board this DWP protest. (OK TWEETERS, CHECK IT OUT!)

  7. FIRST TOXIC WASTE...NOW, BEWARE "Toxic Jewelry" from Asia sold mostly to U.S. kids. Bad enough City Attorney scared ZD about "Toxic Weed!"
  8. MADE IN ASIA: RT @latimes: Toxic-jewelry ban squeaks through Assembly (TOXIC JEWELRY? How much more ghetto can it get?)
  9. HAVE PICTURES TO PROVE: Within past month, or two...MASSIVE HAZMAT RESPONSE 50 FEET from ZD's door! Says growing need over popular trend.
  10. "Shut your mouth! How can you say I go about things the wrong way?" - Morrisey (AND, Zuma Dogg.)
  11. My goal is to be as well know for my music stream as activism. Wish is to have whole city listening at home/work like in CLASSIC Top40 era.
  12. WHO NEEDS REAL LIFE REALITY?: ZD likes a nightclub music atmosphere but can no longer handle people. ZUMA MUSIC RADIO 12mid Mix is solution!
  13. It's not the nutty losers that disappoint me and trigger ZD bipolar streaks...IT'S THE PEOPLE I EXPECT MORE OUTSTANDING RESULTS FROM!
  14. Listening to B-52's "Wanna make love to you under the STROBE LIGHT!" (Could enhance performance of epileptic if episode triggered by light!)
  15. PERFECTLY UNDERSTANDABLE, NOT CAUSE I'M BIPOLAR: I'm playing UPBEAT HITS for FRI NITE, but might be playing "soft hits" in early morning.
  16. RT @LosAngelesCP: Los Angeles: Sparks clinch playoff berth with victory over Lynx. (NO OFFENSE...what sport are we getting excited about?)
  17. If you don't like the song playing on Zuma Music Radio stream, consider it short commercial break & wait for next song. (Can't be THAT bad.)
  18. NOW STREAMING FOR ALL MY VENICE HOMIES: "The Freaks Come Out At Night" by Legenday Rappers, Whoodini. Fri Night Jukebox.
  19. Alright, so there IS no "Subway to the Sea," and you don't have time to wait 20 minutes for a bus to make 20 stops, plus a transfer. (LAZY!)
  20. ALRIGHT, THE BUS! (Forget BIKING to Trader Joe's cause it's hard to bike w groceries...BUT NO EXCUSE TO NOT TAKE THE BUS OR SUBWAY TO SEA!)
  21. Ooops...not that easy to bike with groceries (see Traders Joe's tweet below). But practicality is not the point. RIDE YOUR BIKE MORE!
  22. RT @latimes: Blog names worst Trader Joe's parking lots in L.A. RT (Mayor reminds you, if you bike, they're ALL GOOD!)
  23. Uh, oh...ZD's Music Stream tonight is so authentically "West Hollywood" I think I may have just outed myself! (Better play some AC/DC!)
  24. Friday Night News, Politics & Comedy Page with ZUMA DOGG (I try to soften the municipal tragedy with comedy!)
  25. New York sues for return of Central Park drawings found in trash bin. (What happened to law of land, "finders, keepers; losers, weepers?)
  26. When Michael Jackson said, "Who will dance on the floor in the round," did he REALLY mean, "who will have unprotected sex on a hotel bed?"
  27. You may be saying, "But ZD, you have to pay for the paper cup?" (R U CRAZY? NO you don't! Just take one out of the trash and get a new lid.)
  28. A PLACEBO PAPER CUP: ZD likes to pour suckie coffee from his coffee maker into a paper Starbuck's cup. Makes me enjoy it more. Feels fancy!

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