Friday, August 13, 2010

Zuma Dogg - "Deep Thoughts" via Twitter for Friday, August Whatever It Is, 2010

I don't feel like getting all roiled up blogging about City Hall stuff like food trucks and all the latest. Perhaps I won't be able to stop myself, sometime in the future...but for now, ZD had to pull the plug on the bipolar juice machine that fueled the entire past decade's effort. So here are the bittersweet reflections of the past decade. It is what it is, baby. History...
  1. ZUMA MUSIC RADIO: Now Streaming Classic SOFT hits. (No edgy metal songs to trigger your bipolar juice.) U2, Beatles, Stones, etc. But chill.
  2. Everything's FINE, people. I just had to trade in AC/DC for Air Supply, Neil Young for Neil Diamond and walk away from entire life I knew.
  3. Guess I just have to settle for having thousands of people say ZD was a one-of-a-kind, phenomenon, the likes of which no one has ever seen.
  4. Ever have L.A. Times do a FULL PAGE story on your activism? Ever have Nightline call to interview you? Ever been called "local legend/icon?"
  5. Ever have three different councilmembers call you a genius to your face? (Two of whom did so cause I exposed their shadiness on the spot.)
  6. Guess I have to settle being happy I'm the guy bouncer at Run-DMC/House of Blues show let in w/out ticket cause "ZD doesn't need a ticket."
  7. I guess I just have to be happy being the guy who has been treated to seeing the best in people as they stop to smile and express gratitude.
  8. BIGGEST MAGIC TRICK: David Copperfield can make Statue of Liberty disappear in a stunt. Try having strangers stop on street to thank in joy.
  9. There's a reason for past decade when I walk down street, I've been treated to a parade of people who stop to smile & share a joyful moment.
  10. Ever have security try to keep you away from Governor of California, but Governor wants to hear what you have to say, so security backs off?
  11. Ever have Grammy, Academy & Emmy Award winners stop you as you walk down street to tell you they have never been so knocked out by anyone?
  12. If you think you know what's up because you watch every council meeting, I've learn the REAL STUFF by talking to CAO/CLA/insiders IN PERSON.
  13. Ever have a USC college professor assign a student to go to city hall to get interview with ZD for college project?
  14. Ever have an LAUSD teacher run up to you to take picture & say, "I show my class your YouTube videos to teach them about democracy." ZD has.
  15. I had a Valley activist's MOM call me once to say what a positive change in sibling since ZD inspired him/her. Says ZD changed his/her life.
  16. ZD ACTIVISM vs HOT AIR BLOGGING: Besides council appearances, personally got involved with HUNDREDS of people inside and outside chambers.
  17. ZUMA MUSIC RADIO: Take one listen, lately, and I think you can tell my bipolar rage-juice ran out. Classic SOFT Hits!
  18. PARTY'S OVER (MAYBE): Like a Spiderman character gone askew, ZD had to blow up the bipolar lab that created action-fuel. Now, a mere mortal.
  19. It appears I've been able to mitigate the manic energy that propelled me for a decade. Won't hear a complaint out of me! (Or anything else.)
  20. HAD TO IMPOSE ZD MEDIA BLACKOUT: The good news is, my bipolar situation is in check. The bad news is, now you'll never hear from me again.
  21. DESTINY CHANGER?: Once I was recommended for BIG gig. Put quote from Deming on resume. Was told, "No way would he say that." Didn't get job.
  22. "U2=never be big, rap won't last, Celine "Heart Goes On" isn't a hit, stock market won't crash, city isn't bankrupt." All things I was told!
  23. Congratulations to BELL folks for doing what LA has been unable to. Masses showing up OUTRAGED. LA.activists too worried about talking loud!
  24. My chair is SO lucky! It gets to have the great Zuma Dogg sit on it all day and listen to music. Not a waste, at all. The chair is happy!
  25. Between Elton John, Stones, Bon Jovi, Cobain, Springsteen, Robert Plant, Paul McCartney, etc, I must say PLANT was most striking in person.
  26. ZUMA MUSIC RADIO: About the only thing I've ever been paid for is programming music playlists. May as well enjoy it at
  27. 10 yrs is a HELL of a long time for type of prolonged effort I just generated, homeless, or not. Beatles/Zep, etc.Doesn't last forever.
  28. Why does it have to be, "When are you gonna...ZD?" Why not just, "Thanks for 4 yr intense effort. Good luck on recovery." Wasn't it enough?
  29. If I sit here for a decade & enjoy beach retirement, it's karma reward for 10 yrs of public relentlessness. Left my legacy. Destiny speaks.
  30. Basically, it was an intense public effort over the past decade. And now I can look back on it all now and reflect for next decade at beach.
  31. Ever have people walk around area you are known to frequent, just HOPING to bump into you? Or been asked to take photo at 3am at Ralphs?
  32. Ever have Starbucks clerk run cup of coffee over to you in crowded line and say, "You shouldn't have to wait in line, ZD?" FREE, & No wait!
  33. Ever have crowded bar stand up and cheer when you enter room; been surrounded by 20 excited fans at mall, having moms taking pics? I HAVE!
  34. Until you've been called, "genius" in newspaper, "local legend" on radio, "icon" in LAWeekly & thanked by 1000's of strangers, KEEP WORKING!
  35. Until you've have 1000s of random strangers stop cold in their tracks on the street and flip out in joy over seeing you, KEEP WALKING!
  36. Once you've had 9/11 victims, Iraq war vets, teachers, parents & 1000's of strangers thank you for making them feel good, THEN talk to me.
  37. After the past decade I just lived as hard-pushing, public figure, I am more than happy to sit here and listen to music for next decade.
  38. Just set my own record for "most songs listened to in 72 hrs." Listened to continuous commercial-free music stream @ ZMR. ZD Media Blackout!
  39. OH NO...newspaper confirms's WEDNESDAY!?!?! Thought it was Tuesday. Just missed something important. Could've SWORN it was Tuesday!

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