Thursday, September 2, 2010

10 Good Questions (REASONS) You Should Throw Degenerate Councilman JOSE HUIZAR ON HIS ASS & Out Of Office In MARCH '11!

[PICTURED: Zuma Dogg took a RANDOM snapshot of Huizar's blackerry behind his back...HERE'S WHAT HE WAS BUSY WITH DURING COUNCIL MEETING....LOVEY DOVEY EMAILS FROM A LONELY LOVER. (He's married...must have been from his wife. Click to enlare)

The blogger Red Spot at has an informative and hilarious post about someone who is no stranger to the moniker, "laziest & most confused" :L.A. City Counciloser, JOSE HUIZAR.

It's a list of the 10 Ten Reasons why you should throw that degenerate. money pilfering thief and "bag man" for some really corrupt people (HUIZAR) ON HIS ASS in the next election.

Here is a taste..

Continuing with the theme of unanswered question, as a public service, we provide these 10 questions to ask Councilman Huizar in the months leading up to the March, 2011 elections.
  •  How many staffers have quit your office since you became Councilman, did you ever tell them to lie to constituents?
  •  Did you ever audited any of the politically connected non-profits within CD 14, as you promise in the 2007 elections?
  •  What is the current status of the CLARTS Fund and other CD 14 Discretionary Funds? Will you post these statuses on your website?
  •  Will the Southwest Museum reopen anytime soon? Do you still support the Southwest Society?
  •  Is the CRA a "rouge organization", operating without oversight and transparency, within CD 14?
  •  Is it true that your colleagues within the "Horseshoe at City Hall", consider you the laziest member of the City Council? (ZD also adds, "most confused during a vote."
  • Will trolleys run someday on Broadway in Downtown LA?
  • Will you debate Rudy Martinez and other challengers in your upcoming re election campaign?
Check the full post here -- cause there are good BONUS questions and a good introduction:

[Why am I posting a link to mayor sam? Why should I let Huizar off the hook. I see this blog still gets 4X more views than my other blogs (EVEN WHEN I DON'T POST HERE) -- and Mayor Sam's blog is doing a nice job of comment moderation, so I can comfortably send my readers there!]

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