Thursday, September 23, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Zuma Dogg Scores Interview w Gov Schwarzenegger Press Secretary (EXCLUSIVE DETAILS ON TODAY'S BUDGET FRAMEWORK!)

Thank you to Aaron from California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's office for granting Zuma Dogg an exclusive interview, where I asked him about today's budget meeting where a "framework," was announced.

8;30PM UPDATE - UNSTABLE BLOGGER ALERT: Based on what just happened to my public comment card at a Venice Community Meeting on Homelessness that I just pushed way too hard to attend, only to have my card, SOUNDLY REJECTED (FIRST TO BE TURNED IN & NOT CALLED AFTER SEVERAL ATTEMPTS TO CLARIFY WITH ALL INVOLVED PARTIES)...

I HAVE DELETED THE POST WITH EXCLUSIVE DETAILS FROM GOV SCHWARZENEGGER'S PRESS SECRETARY, WHO I SPOKE WITH, ONE-ON-ONE WITH TODAY, IN PERSON, where he answered my questions on future of CalWorks, Tax Hikes, Pension Reform and other matters.

GO ASK HIM, YOURSELF. I'm not a paid reporter and I don't get a voice at community meetings, so  FUCK THAT SHIT....WON'T HEAR ME SPEAK ON ANY COMMUNITY ISSUES EVER FUCKING AGAIN.

I DON'T NEED THIS SH*T. I don't really have any reason to ever leave my square block, except to cross the crosswalk to go to the Santa Monica Beach.

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