Thursday, September 16, 2010

Los Angeles News, Politics & Comedy Rants by Zuma Dogg for Thursday, September 15, 2010 (When did you FIRST HEAR of L.A. WASTING Federal Stimulus Money, LAST YEAR...While It Was Happening?)

When you read/hear about the FED STIMULUS MONEY TODAY, based on the L.A. Controller's report, WHO WAS SCREAMING ABOUT IT ON TV 35 ALL LAST YEAR, WHILE IT WAS HAPPENING??? BUT YOU WACKY-SHORT-SIGHTED ACTIVIST DUMMIES WERE SCREAMING ABOUT YOUR N.C. MONEY, LOSERS! (Glad I stay home and walk half a block to the beach and listen to music all day, these days.) NOW,as usual, you'll all be hootin' and hollerin' about, NOW, AFTER THE MILK HAS BEEN SPILLED. (If you want to know what you'll be reading, next, to make you get all up in arms, just read what I blogged about 11 months ago.)
  • When you read story TODAY about L.A. WASTING $111 mil in FEDERAL STIMULUS MONEY; where did you hear about it, LAST YEAR, when was happening? about a minute ago
  • Even if I wanted to attend council meetings, again: Ain't taking the bus so extra-early to get there. Would need a ride. Ain't gonna happen. 4 minutes ago
  • After months adjusting to NON-homelessness, WOULD like to do public comment through council meetings, but STILL CAN'T TAKE THEIR NUTTINESS! 7 minutes ago
  • Today feels like when I was on Howard Stern. Watch for tweets from Villaraigosa & Schwarzenegger & make snappy comebacks, like to J Mudman. 41 minutes ago
  • LANow: L.A. controller says 2 city departments yet to create many jobs with federal stimulus money (WHAT? I'm SHOCKED!) 43 minutes ago
  • RT @villaraigosa: Announced a formal partnership with Red Cross to ensure LA is ready for any man-made emergency. (You mean, LIKE YOU!) 48 minutes ago
  • RT @villaraigosa: "It's important for Angelenos to be prepared for disasters." (Like the rest of your term, Antonio?) about an hour ago
  • Schwarzenegger: So proud of my daughter @kschwarzenegger, doing the media circuit. (Like father, like daughter. What else could she know?) about an hour ago
  • RT @latimes: Jerry Brown is lucky -- and needs to be luckier. (Like having Meg Whitman buy her own rocket and leave the planet.) about an hour ago
  • RT @LANow: Gas smell at evacuated San Bruno school may have come from heating system. (Gas smell RARELY comes from COOLING system!) about an hour ago
  • RT @abc7: Man wearing pink mini skirt, wig & stilettos robbed gas station in Sacramento. (PINK MINI-SKIRT? He looks TERRIBLE in pink!) about an hour ago
  • Obama makes announcement on the expansion of his 'Educate to Innovate' initiative. (Hope it's more efficient than STIMULUS MONEY IN L.A.!) about an hour ago
  • HEY TRUTANICH, ask Huizar, he knows me: If you just called ZD and said, "Hey bro, can u give me a break on your blog," I would have stopped. about an hour ago
  • RE: $111 MILLION in FED STIM $ going for 55 jobs: "There's no evidence that money was actually misspent." (The results ARE THE EVIDENCE!) about an hour ago
  • LAObserved: City's $111 million in stimulus money created total of 55 jobs L.A. City Controller reports. (TOLD U!!!) about an hour ago
  • Give a RT for (24/7 Electronic, Breaks, Reggae & DJ Mixes) (Venice, CA) about 2 hours ago
  • RT @LAupDates: How to turn the iPod Nano into a wristwatch (Who cares? Tell me how to turn a wristwatch into an iPod!) about 2 hours ago
  • I'm gonna be like tracy mollozi and ask you if there is anything I can do to help. Then when you reply, I'll fail to reply back to you. Wow! about 3 hours ago
  • @tracymal never heard a reply back from you after you specifically reached out to me with a message and I sent you reply back. are you b.s.? about 3 hours ago
  • LATE NIGHT W ZUMA DOGG: Time to head over to 24 HR wi-fi cafe/restaurant at Venice/LA border. 212 Pier St. (Next to One Life) A VENICE HANG! about 14 hours ago
  • RT @km: Words cannot express how excited I am there's new episode of Parenthood in my Hulu que. [Maybe u should read more & watch TV less!] about 14 hours ago
  • latimes: EPA fines 99 Cents Only Stores for pesticide violations [HEY...whatever it takes to keep costs down for ZD!] about 14 hours ago
  • RT @latimes: Trade group seeks name change for "high-fructose corn syrup" [How about cheap, low-nutrition sweetening non-solid?] about 14 hours ago
  • RT @latimes: Nancy Reagan backs Fiorina, Whitman RT @LATPoliticsCA [It's OVER for Boxer!] about 14 hours ago
  • RT @cnnbrk: Michael Jackson's mom sues tour promoter AEG Live over son's death (COMPELLING BACK STORY FOR FANS!) about 15 hours ago
  • LANow: Zine defends his backing of new Costco in Woodland Hills [ZINE, pissing off his people! Calling for his OUST!] about 15 hours ago
  • RT @LATshowtracker: 'America's Next Top Model' recap: [PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSS!} about 15 hours ago
  • RT @abc7: Budget shortage may force Caltrans to abandon 215 Freeway widening project (DARN! Everyone is for it...NOT!) about 16 hours ago

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