Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Zuma Dogg - L.A. City News, Politcs & Comedy Rants for Wednesday, September 15, 2010

  1. latimes: Whitman says pension-reform plans don't apply to police, firefighters. (Like saying "coke reform" doesn't apply to record biz.)
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  3. TODAY'S POLITICAL MESSAGE STREAMING OVER THE HITS @ "NO" on Huizar, Wesson & Cardenas in next Council election.
  4. NET MUSIC STREAM. COM: 24/7 Electro-Funk Hits - NOW with Political Rants by DJ/Activist Zuma Dogg.Today's message: "NO" on 3 Councilmembers.
  5. HEY BILL ROSENDAHL: It's a CITYWIDE issue that has been building for YEARS & homeless DO come to Venice, but PLEASE WAVE MAGIC WAND, NOW!
  6. CAN'T WAIT to see lazy, out of touch IDIOTS screaming @ Rosendahl that he needs to sweep away homeless. As though any ONE person could. LOL!
  7. If you're planning on showing up to Venice Community meeting on homelessness to demand it be swept away W OUT OFFERING TO HELP, STAY HOME!
  8. Only a lazy-brainless-idiot shows up to community meeting on "homeless" issue only to demand and end to "problem" w/out HELPING w solutions.
  9. @VanHedi_34 LOVE the video. Need an MP3 to stream, cause YouTube keeps buffering out. Can send to email on my site, if u have 1 of each.
  10. RT @15Rose: Repost from Chris Martin and Earcande, check it out. NEW DEADMAU5!!!! House/Dubstep track ...USTREAM
  11. @15Rose Check my new music stream broadcasting from down the street... Electro-Funk, Reggae & DUBSTEP! 24/7!
  12. KFIAM640 - VID: Jerry Brown goes off on John and Ken on Good Day LA this morning! (JB=Desperate!)
  13. NOW STREAMING: Electro-Funk, Reggae & Zuma Dogg @ (Good music stream & ZD political activism messages, DJ style.)
  14. RT @JerryBrown2010: Good Day LA this morning talking what I plan to do as California's governor: ("AS GOVERNOR? What kind of dream world...)
  15. Villaraigosa's staff installs deputy to manage mayor's 'long-term message' (What's the line about chairs on Titanic?)
  16. GREETINGS FROM ZUMA DOGG (9.15.10 UPDATE): I haven't sent out an email update for several months (about a year). (cont)
  17. RT "Downtown L.A. Streetcar Project: Connecting Neighborhoods & Developing Communities":(A planted story is SO outrageous I lost my breath.)
  18. RT @latimes: Giant inflatable pig across from LAPD headquarters draws attention (YEAH, from IDIOTS like YOU that report it.)
  19. It is with GREAT PRIDE mayor is constantly making announcements of GREAT STRIDES! (Looks around, loser. Turn on the news. BACKWARD STRIDES!)
  20. RT@villaraigosa: "LA Port has made great strides...blah, blah, blah." (Hey MR. MAGOO! All these "GREAT STRIDES" while city is melting down.)
  21. MetroLibrary: Where Did Transportation Stimulus Money & CA's $3.7+ BIL for infrastructure go?: (ZD has some theories!)
  22. LA. is going under over people's great "pride." Pride will prevent you from moving your parked truck out of left turn lane in heavy traffic.
  23. I warned Garcetti & Council about over-density impacts. Now we have a city where trucks park in middle of street and no police to move em.
  24. L.A. County is in BIG trouble: Current wave of new resident laborers don't seem to know/care about law or community. It's a law-skirt game.
  25. THANKS AGAIN, to ONE SINGLE HUMAN BEING ON THE PLANET who stepped up when ZD wasn't gonna make it on Sunday=BILL ROSENDAHL. Screw rest of U.
  26. YOU! Yes, YOU, asshole who "hopes all is well," with ZD & rest of you worthless, off-kilter activistss. YOU WERE CONTENT IN LETTING ME DIE.
  27. Even though I have food money for today, wanna reflect on past weekend when I was in BIG, BIG trouble and YOU read tweets and didn't call.
  28. How's the GREAT Kevin James radio show doing at 12 mid? Can REALLY rock the vote from 12mid to 3am! Freezing cold hot air.
  29. RT @Schwarzenegger: Checking out Korail in Korea [Sure ain't checking out Calirail.]
  30. RT @LATimesgreen: L.A. port is hatching a revitalization [Everything always so positive & on the upswing! Good!]
  31. RT@Schwarzenegger: 300 km/hour on Korea High Speed Rail. [Listen bro, no one stuck in Cali traffic gives a fuck.Get back here & fix shit.]
  32. RT @Schwarzenegger: Selling California nuts in Seoul (Already sold your soul to nuts in California.)
  33. MONDAY LA TIMES: NEVER THINNER! What I thought was the insert was entire print edition for day? LA PAMPHLET?
  34. RT@Schwarzenegger: Congratulating Korea for hosting 2013 Special Olympics World Games. [How about congrats to something stimulating CA econ]
  35. RT@LosAngelesCP: L.A. County Awards Homeboy Industries with $1.38 Million (Can I get a T shirt & a mug, please?)
  36. Give a RT for 24/7 Electronic, Trance, Reggae & Some Old Skool Rap. (Listen in car/plug device into speakers.)
  37. RT@villaraigosa: Lego graphing, sort, count, data with 2nd graders at Wilshire Park Elementary! [Finally a crowd he's comfortable with!]
  38. RT @NBCLA: Why You Should Call 811 Before Digging [Let me guess...SO YOU DON'T DIG INTO PIPES & WIRES???]
  39. RT@JerryBrown2010: Read my statement on Bill Clinton's Endorsement: [Bill can't let snide comment fuck up money train!]
  40. RT@LATimescitydesk: Venice town hall meeting next week to focus on homeless: [On HELPING them, or sweeping them away?]
  41. LANow: Are LA teachers right to protest The Times over evaluation database? [HELL YEAH! DESPICABLE MOVE ON TIMES PART!]
  42. It's disingenuous to take & use ZD's info, then call him negative names, anonymously, making it seem like random reader posted it. PATTERNS!
  43. MASSIVE Twitter Update from Zuma Dogg (More on the iconic legend) AND Link To LA Weekly Article on the "Zuma Dogg" F...
  44. Ethics Commission Votes To Ban Tickets For Elected Officials (Now, everything will be UN-OFFICIAL & MERELY SOCIAL!)

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