Saturday, October 16, 2010

AUDIO: L.A. City Council Meeting - "PUBLIC COMMENT, WEEK IN REVIEW" by Zuma Dogg (And Council's Discussion on L.A Housing Dept (LAHD) Corruption Allegations)

For those of you craving local talk radio on the weekend, here is a half hour's worth of public comments from this week's L.A. City Council meeting (for week ending 10/15/10). A WHOLE lot of, "fraud, waste & abuse," to cover in a half hour.

1st Amendment, an issue, once again, as council confuses, "being off topic," with, "no liking what is being said." With a FEDERAL LAWSUIT vs L.A. City by Dowd/Dogg, and council becoming more desperate to keep the LAHD corruption exposure from being BLASTED on TV -- expect Council to throw the 1st Amendment and Brown Act out the window, next week.

ALSO, the final segment is a replay of a portion of the City Council meeting from July 21, 2010 on the LAHD "conflict allegations."

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