Friday, October 29, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Los Angeles Housing Department "Director of Compliance & Code Enforcement" (OVER REAP) -- LEAVING THE DEPARTMENT AND LEAVING THE CITY!

LA CITY NEWS EXCLUSIVE - BREAKING NEWS (Not yet released to the public.)

For the past month, you have been reading on this blog about the conflict of interest and corruption allegation within the Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD). Of specific interest was the RENT ESCROW ACCOUNT PROGRAM (REAP). AND, what SEEMS to be the FACT, that once you are placed on REAP rent reduction program, you allegedly do not get your money back from the city and are not removed from the rent reduction program.

The conflict of interest allegations were discussed at a July 21, 2010 Los Angeles City Council meeting and the allegations were followed up over the past month by Zuma Dogg; after being sent a detailed memo from within the LAHD by workers who were scared to speak out about the corruption because upper management at LAHD is "vicious" as it was stated to ZD.

So between hardcore corruption allegations at LAHD, as described in the memo as being at the hands of Roberto Aldape which is hurting BOTH property owners AND tenants -- ALONG with the turmoil that has all but shut down the department in a hostile and "vicious" environment -- 

ZUMA DOGG felt moved to come off a long hiatus to NIP this activity (though no longer just a bud) -- and waves WERE felt within the department.

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