Sunday, November 14, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: LAPD Writes MATT DOWD a ticket for not being in a proper space @ Venice Boardwalk, then KICKED him off beach...THAT'S gonna cost the city PLENTY!

To: Bill Rosendahl
Re: Venice Beach boardwalk - MATT DOWD
Dt: 11/14/10 3:55pm

For the record, Matt Dowd, who is represented by the top civil rights attorney in the city, was just written a ticket and then told to leave the beach for playing guitar and having his pictures displayed in a non-numbered, non-white-line-painted space -- that ZUMA DOGG AND MATT DOWD WILL BE ARGUING ARE NOW NULL IN VOID, because they were created for the LOTTERY PERMIT SYSTEM, which has been flushed down your beach toilets! SO THERE ARE NO FUCKING SPACES, DOUCHEBAGS...AND THIS IS GONNA COST YOU! But I can't discuss the EXACT details on HOW due to "attorney client privilege." (And SOME attorney it is.)

SO BILL...can you believe they are still fucking with Dowd. I happened to see people all over the place doing things like selling fruit and doing a juggling/tightrope act between the cabanas -- and people setting up amps on the retail side....BUT DOWD GETS KICKED OFF...


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