Thursday, November 18, 2010

First Zuma Dogg...Now Spiderman & Superman Beat L.A. City In FEDERAL COURT Over 1st Amendment Violations on Hollywood Blvd

Superheroes Allowed Back On Hollywood Boulevard Thanks To Federal Judge's Ruling

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To the boulevard!

We lamented the loss of the Hollywood Boulevard superheroes. After they were kicked off the street by the LAPD they inspired protests and even a web-based show.

Now the masked men and women are back. A federal judge on Wednesday issued an injunction that essentially tells the city of L.A. to back off -- these characters have freedom-of-speech rights and can be on the boulevard if they want to.

The move is temporary but should allow the guys in tights to hang out at their favorite spot -- Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue -- again.

The superheroes, known for sometimes aggressive panhandling and a few fistfights over customers, were swept from the area in June.

The judge said that's not right.

U.S. District Judge Dean D. Dean Pregerson said enforcement of anti solicitation, loitering
and sidewalk blocking laws conflicted with the superheroes rights free speech. They could indeed ask for tips and perform on the sidewalk, the judge ruled.

(By the way, the city if 0 for 2 in recent free-speech-related battles. Does anyone see a pattern here?).

Original post on L.A. Weekly

LOOKS LIKE GOOD NEWS, JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAY TOURISM SEASON: Zuma Dogg Back on Venice Beach Boardwalk; and Batman, Spiderman, Superman Back on Hollywood Blvd. You're Welcome, America!

LOOKS LIKE BAD NEWS FOR L.A. CITY GENERAL FUND: Now not only does Zuma Dogg have damages claims vs L.A. City, how much you wanna bet in Vegas that the folks underneath the superhero masks will be suing the SHIZNIT out of the city, too. HEY CITY COUNCIL...leave some money in the general fund for services!

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