Friday, November 12, 2010

Is An L.A. Elected Official Being Investigated (About To Get Busted) Over Illegal Billboards...

I haven't heard a THING and this entire post is based on a couple tidbits I came across on the internet and maybe they tie together, or not. So I am merely going to share with you exactly what led me to ponder the question: Is Villaraigosa being investigated over the Andrew Adelman issue or the billboards Adelman was going to inspect and cite for "Building and Safety" violations, allegedly at the request of Carmen Trutanich, who was the newly sworn in L.A. City Attorney.

First of all, this appeared on Mayor Sam's blog, yesterday, from Captain Jack Sparrow who has had some good info on stuff in the past:

CAPTAIN JACK: "Let’s talk about something else, shall we? Yes, lets. The efforts of a punch drunk blogger and a certain soon to be indicted elected official we all know and do not love. Perhaps we could search Los Feliz. Or you could always ring the doorbell and ask for him yourself but would he show up?" [Who is a "punch drunk blogger? Not to be narcissistic, but is that me? And here's why I ask...]

THIS BLOG POST SUDDENLY GOT 24 PAGE VIEWS IN THE 12 NOON HOUR, TODAY, FOR WHATEVER REASON. (That's a lot of page refreshing for one person.) The post is from August 2009. (Not like it's a recent post getting views.) So take a's about Andrew Adelman and Villar's handling of the matter and what it was all about:

So that's it...could Villar be in trouble over billboards -- or perhaps the Andrew Adelman incident based on these two internet indications? Like the 80's super-group Asia once said, "Only Time Will Tell."

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