Wednesday, November 24, 2010

L.A. City Council Profile; Richard Alarcon...A Hero to His People, A Leader, A Role Model As A Father, and Under 32 FELONY Indictment Counts

[Pictured: Hey Richard...I'm watchin' ovr your shoulder and gonna wipe that fuckin' smile off your face, you felony indicted inferior chump. Your boy, ZD is gonna teach you a life-lesson, clown. HAPPY THANKSGIVING...COMING SOON!]

Richard Alarcon sure has SOME FUCKING INDICTED FELONY MOUTH...He likes to refer to "a gadfly" (Zuma Dogg?) in committee meetings that he doesn't think I am listening to. So I will be sure to refer to the felony indicted role model in a way that he will certainly remember. IT'S COMING RICHIE, BOY! Happy Thanksgiving. (Do you celebrate that one?) 32 indictments...SOME EXAMPLE for his daughter who is ridin' off the city's general fund, too. How did SHE get such a job, fresh out of college with ZERO experience. Maybe some folks didn't wanna get hurt by Richie's she got the job!

HEY RICHARD...I KNOW IT'S TOUGH...BY TRY NOT TO GET INDICTED ANYMORE. Again, for someone of your character, I know it's tough to follow the law.

ENRICHARD ALARcon WONDERS: During today's housing committee where "conflict of interest" allegations were discussed, regarding LAHD's Rent Escrow Account Program (REAP), EnRichard AlarCON stood up to wonder aloud if gadflies are out to bias/influence council toward their interests. YES,'s called "PUBLIC COMMENT!" Here's the AUDIO of a 32X felony-indicted crybaby. And, when he says, "if there are specific allegations, please bring them forward...WE DID, EnRichard...a bunch of times...ROBERTO ALDAPE in his role as LAHD Asst GM (in charge of REAP oversight) while being the contact person listed for the outreach firm he is hiring. And Hakha Motrezaie, under Aldope, for the same. (CHECK IT OUT Enrichie!) I especially like the part when Enrichard wants to just drop it and move on. (I BET he does.) AUDIO:

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