Wednesday, November 10, 2010

VIDEO: Matt Dowd & Zuma Dogg From Law Offices of Their New Civil Rights Firm (That Brought You Tennie Pierce & McArthur "May Day" Lawsuits...This Ain't Larry H. Parker, Y'all...)

[Pictured: NOT the law offices of Larry H. Parker. The coffee in their lobby sucked and didn't have as nice of a view of MOCHA. So we went with THESE guys!]

 BREAKING NEWS: To  confirm the rumors swirling around City Hall. Yes, it is true...Matt  Dowd & Zuma Dogg's Civil Rights violations claim against the  City of Los Angeles to be handled by Litt, Estuar & Kitson, LLP.  More to come and sorry it had to come down to this. L, E & K is  the law firm that handled the Tennie Pierce and McArthur Park "May Day"  lawsuits filed against the city. Dowd/Dogg & L, E &  K...should be fun!

DOWD/DOGG in their "Attorney-Client Privilege Room"

"We up ch'er, naw."

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