Monday, January 10, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: ZUMA DOGG MEMO TO CITY on Federal Venice Beach Lawsuit Settlement Issues -- AND DETAILS ON NEXT LAWSUIT vs City of Los Angeles (To Be Filed by DOWD/DOGG!)ci

HERE'S A PEEK INTO THE BEHIND THE SCENES WORLD OF ZUMA DOGG: Here's an email I just typed up and sent to someone at City Hall regarding the DOWD/DOGG lawsuit vs City of Los Angeles, that they lost to us recently, but are kinda not giving us the respect we won, as winners, when it comes to writin' the damn check. SO HERE'S SOMETHING FROM TODAY, cause it keeps getting worse for them the longer they wait. Here's what got worse for them, over the weekend:

Dear City of Los Angeles/(Defendant):

In the Federal Judge's injunction, near the top it says, "The settlement agreement was the culmination of intensive meetings and negotiations between the parties and community stakeholders, with the aid of the Court, in an effort to draft an ordinance."

AGAIN, I'm a newcomer to this...but I CAN'T BELIEVE a FEDERAL JUDGE would violate separation of judicial and legislative powers by admitting to "with the aid of the court." I really DO think it means COMPLETE and 100% LOSS of EVERYTHING in the ordinance, not yet ruled on, for the city.

Maybe he KNOWS he made a boo-boo and figured the error would never be exposed, cause of a settlement that would result with an injunction. But, Dowd/Dogg are now, most likely, going for summary judgment...and if we didn't like the result, the judge's error would be exposed in 9th circuit court of appeals, and I'm CERTAIN that THEY are aware of the separation of powers. (AGAIN, I can't understand it. But I guess this kind of stuff happens.) 

Matt thinks the judge did it on purpose, to stick it to the city, since the city has been such a pain in his butt all these years and refused to settle as they should have, long ago, leaving us this outlet if we ever figured it out. (WE DID!)

SO NOW, it keeps getting worse, the more the city delays, cause now we caught wind of what the judge said on Friday, reminding DOWD/DOGG about this violation of separation of powers. (As Judge Mohr noted during Friday's Medical Marijuana ruling/loss for the city.)


NEXT FEDERAL LAWSUIT: Meanwhile, the city took down the posted signs with the rules for "P" zone on the boardwalk, that said you needed to display a "Donations" placard from the city. I REPEAT...the city TOOK DOWN the posted rules, after the injunction...BUT HAVE NOT POSTED NEW RULES...HOWEVER, they are writing tickets to people for not having the city placards. SO I AM CREATING A NEW LAWSUIT BASED ON THAT, cause I don't think someone is required to have to go to a city office to get a city created placard. If a placard IS INDEED required, someone should be able to produce their own. WHAT'S WITH THIS HAVING TO GO TO THE OFFICE TO DISPLAY A CITY PLACARD...AGAIN, it's the United States of America. I don't know what the hell country the city thinks they are operating in, to be honest with you. So I guess I have to remind them, again. Because, again: The city took down the rules. If they WERE posted...that's because they NEEDED to be posted. YET THEY ARE NOT, but LAPD is still writing tickets. SO ANOTHER LAWSUIT IT IS...on top of the summary judgment that Matt and I are currently typing up. 

Zuma Dogg
The Plaintiff

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