Wednesday, January 12, 2011

L.A. Democratic Party (UNION MONEY) Backing Incumbent Councilman Bernard Parks' OPPOSITION in March 8, 2011 Election

Figures the only Councilmember ZD says should be re-elected, since he's the only councilmember who seems to grasp the budget and stand up to say something about it -- is the only incumbent councilmember to have the local democratic party (union money) back a challenger. In this case, it's a treasurer of the Community Development Financial Institution. ZD heard the union got their hands around the outside with the devils have been made...and she's ready to bend-over and sell-out. Looks like the cheapest Councilman is gonna have to do something he hates to do, now...SPEND! (The unions certainly will be -- FOR THE OPPOSITION.)

  • Reason the city is in a hurry to sell the parking lots is because they are such money losers for city, they take out bonds to cover losses. 10 minutes ago
  • WHY LA SHOULD SELL PARKING GARAGES: Would it help you decide parking lots SHOULD be sold, if you knew they were MEGA-MONEY losers for city? 10 minutes ago
  • L.A. City Hall is scared to admit/scared to tell you exactly HOW BIG OF A MONEY LOSER the parking garages are, like the one in Highland Park. Will be paying bond to cover losses for a generation. (City almost ready to PAY someone to take them.)

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