Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Info on LA Housing Department Corruption Allegations (FBI...PLEASE READ THIS!)

Zuma Dogg,

Here is some information that you may be interested in hearing.

The Los Angeles Housing Department, at some point, made loans to a private individual of almost $600,000. It has all been written off.

LAHD should account as to why such a large amount was given to a specific individual -- and why such a large amount was simply written off and never sent out for collection through any number of collection agency.

Something smells fishy, here?

[ZUMA DOGG: This is something I heard about, from day one, as I began to blog about LAHD corruption allegations. Remember, SEVERAL MILLION UNACCOUNTED FOR ON THE BALANCE SHEETS OF LAHD. Remember, "It appears LAHD is allowing millions to go uncollected. Remember, Wendy...we need an audit? FBI IS LISTENING TO PEOPLE ON WEDNESDAY ON THIS MATTER! DOH!]

LA TIMES - BREAKING: California controller seeks more power, staff to examine city finances

The controller's office has received more than 50 tips about potential financial irregularities and other alleged misconduct in municipal agencies, suggesting that scandal-plagued Bell is not unique. [YOU MEAN, LIKE IN LOS ANGELES, MAYBE?]

State auditors say they have received dozens of reports suggesting that the kind of mismanagement and fraud found in Bell may be occurring elsewhere in the state and that they want new authority to launch investigations into possible wrongdoing.

State Controller John Chiang is in discussions with Gov. Jerry Brown to give Chiang's office added legal tools and more staff to dig into the finances of cities and other municipal agencies, officials said at a legislative hearing Tuesday.


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