Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nothing LAPD & LA CIty Council LOVES MORE than a GOOD CRISIS to keep going and keep spending over...don't kill the goose laying the golden overtime eggs!


Did you SEE the whole LAUSD lock-down and 7 mile wide (last I heard) city street perimeter lock-down in Dennis Zine's district of Woodland Hills/CD 3, today? A DOOSEY!

If nothing else, a good chance for constituents to see and hear what WONDERFUL councilmembers Eric Garcetti (Antonio was out of the city, I guess) and Dennis Zine can be...and how "leaderly" they look under crisis on TV.

Seems all well and good in the name of public safety...but maybe Zuma Dogg is a little tainted, cause to me, it looked like more of an un-safe, OVER-REACTION in the guise of spending as much money on LAPD overtime and vehicles and gadgets as possible -- in an attempt to scare the community into making sure LAPD doesn't get their payroll and pension cut in order to save the entire rest of the city. (THEY KNOW IT'S COMING...SO HERE COMES THE SHOW!!!)

FIRST OF ALL, maybe LAUSD cops are supposed to be enforcing street crime, but this all started when an LAUSD cop (NOT LAPD) saw someone, "suspicious looking" around some cars -- ON THE CITY STREET, OFF CAMPUS.

So the LAUSD cop went to check it out, and unfortunately was shot...and luckily the bulletproof vest saved his life. AND THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT HOW BAD THE GUY WAS WHO WAS WILLING TO SHOOT A UNIFORMED OFFICER. Because the guy shouldn't have shot anyone, under ANY circumstances.

But perhaps the LAUSD officer should have called into LAPD and had them sent a unit over to investigate. Because although the guy did end up to be suspicious, since he had a gun and shot a cop -- there was no crime in progress -- and had the proper LAPD officers approached the person of suspicion, maybe no bullets would have been fired. (May not have drawn on TWO LAPD, especially since LAPD is usually ready for a gun being pulled on them -- and are ready to react.)

And if bullets HAD been fired, anyway...the suspect may have been more easily apprehended. As the OTHER LAPD cop, who was NOT shot (and on the ground from the blow) would have been able to chase and catch the gunman.

So now that the genie is out of the bottle, and you have a gunman on the loose...LAPD sure did choose to GO BIG and create a situation that most certainly traumatized students, scared parents -- and ended creating a big mess -- that again, LAPD/CITY HALL will say was a needed measure of safety...BUT NOT REALLY. Here's why:

The guy was on the street around cars (and now we know he had a gun). This was all off campus. DO YOU THINK HE WAS TRYING TO BREAK ONTO LAUSD CAMPUS...OR BREAK INTO A CAR?

So once he shot a cop...DO YOU REALLY THINK HE IS OUT TO RUN ONTO AN LAUSD CAMPUS AND START SHOOTING? Do you think he was going to be running around the street, looking for kids to shoot...or do you think he felt his robbery attempt to break into a vehicle was foiled and he better get AS FAR AWAY from the area, as possible?

SWAT teams were combing the hallways, according to what a student told L.A. Times. (DO YOU NEED A SWAT TEAM TO FIND A 40 YEAR OLD RUNNING AROUND LAUSD? Do you think he would have waited for SWAT to get there?

SO LAPD/LAUSD locks down nine campuses (plus some private schools were locked down). Kids don't get to eat. Kids had to go to the bathroom in trash cans. (A kid said that on FOX 11 News.) Kids were scared and traumatized as word go out that someone shot someone near the school. (And the lock down made it seem like their safety was at risk.) Parents were scared to death. Then, releasing the kids to their parents was BEYOND a tangled nightmare. Some parents had kids in multiple schools under lockdown. Kids were released to parents, one by one, as LAUSD staff had to find the student, then reunite them with their parent...ONE AT TIME.

AND THEN THERE IS THE REST OF THE 7 MILES OF PEOPLE...wonder if anyone was denied access to life-saving medication they needed? Emergency medical treatment needed at your doctor's office? CANCELED! (Access DENIED/LAPD!) Hope no disabled and seniors were waiting for their assistance to get there to help them eat and all the other needed functions their caretakers provide, but were denied access to.

I GUESS you can say all of this was a needed effort. But, common...if the FBI were on the you think it would have been handled this way and with this scope, expenditure and magnitude. ALL THAT MONEY SPENT, TODAY, MEANS MONEY THEY WON'T HAVE TO SPEND WHEN THERE IS A REAL PROBLEM.

BECAUSE EIGHT HOURS LATER, they were STILL pretending there was a chance of finding this they WIDENED the perimeter, right around rush hour traffic and when parents from over ten schools were all trying to pick up thousands and thousands of kids, at once, now.

AND, they OBVIOUSLY had NO idea who they were looking for (what the guy looked like) -- because there was NO police sketch of the gunman released. And it was a trained cop who was shot. So if HE didn't even remember to get a good enough look at the suspicious person he was approaching, FIRST -- HOW IS ANYONE GONNA KNOW IF THEY ARE LOOKING RIGHT AT HIM?

THIS IS TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE STUFF...but MUCH, MUCH worse happens, very unfortunately...AND HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A REACTION OVER SOMETHING LIKE THIS? And again...that was a HUGE WAD that will NOT be available when it is REALLY NEEDED!

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