Tuesday, January 25, 2011

NOW STREAMING: Zuma Dogg's L.A. City News (Local) TalkRadio for Wed. Jan. 26, 2011

A lot to discuss...time to break out the golden Zuma Dogg microphone from his LA City News blog studio in Venice Beach, CA. (Aka: LA City News TalkRadio with Zuma Dogg)


* LAPD & City Council UNABLE to muster a meeting. (Meetings CANCELED!)
* FBI to interview L.A. residents on LA Housing Department Rent Escrow Racketeering Allegations
* Matt Dowd/Zuma Dogg vs L.A. City Venice Lawsuit Update - Summary Judgment Date: Feb 28th!
* ZD says $9 billion in CRA money should be used for Fire & other city services...NOT ELI BROAD!
* LA City About to Have INJUNCTION on their Medical Marijuana Ordinance as City Attorney's Office & Clerks Office OVERWHELMED with paperwork as city prepares for "Wild Wild West."
* Additional Rantings by ZD.

Now streaming @ http://LACityNews.com

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