Sunday, February 27, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Did Carmen Trutanich's L.A. City Attorney Office DEFAULT on Zuma Dogg/Matt Dowd's 1st Amendment Lawsuit? (APPEARS AS THOUGH THEY DID!)

[Pictured: Friday's foreshadow celebration at L.A. City Hall.]

As you know on October 21, 2010, the Honorable Judge Dean D. Pregerson issued an injunction against much of the illegal rules at Venice Beach regarding Ordinance 42.15 (boardwalk regulations and restrictions.)

Since then, DOWD/DOGG have been attempting to negotiate a settlement with the city for the five years of damages, both on the boardwalk; and inside council chambers during public comment.

As settlement talks broke down with the city, the only option was to file for summary judgment, which means the judge would give a ruling on the entire lawsuit.

So far, he only issued an injunction on the Venice boardwalk, but has not yet ruled on the "Code of Conduct" issues relating to the multiple 1st Amendment violations that occurred when Mr. Dowd and Mr. Dogg were ejected for various reasons under L.A. City Council President Eric Garcetti's "Code of Conduct' (and Council President Pro-Tems Jan Perry and Dennis Zine.)

So a summary judgment would have the judge rule on this "Code of Conduct" (and more importantly, it's enforcement "as applied" on DOWD/DOGG), since all the Venice stuff has already been ruled on with a court ordered injunction (on 10/21/10 as mentioned above.)

HOWEVER, on Friday, Mr.Dowd received a letter from the Honorable Judge Pregerson's court giving DOWD/DOGG until 3/11/11 to reply as to why the case shouldn't be dismissed.

The option DOWD/DOGG were given was to request an entry of "DEFAULT" against the city.

THIS MEANS CODE OF CONDUCT WILL AUTOMATICALLY LOSE BY DEFAULT. So that should change a few things during public comment. And damages will probably be a FUCK of a lot more, now.

LESSON: He who hesitates is lost. As in lost to Dowd/Dogg cause you took too much time and we caught you defaultin', y'all. WE HAVE WARNED YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY ABOUT THIS KARMA THING. I think you've learned. Sorry the master had to teach it to you. Good luck spinning this during your next election, Nuch! (Maybe Dowd should run AGAINST you. He just ran rings AROUND you.)

  • BIG JOHN just stepped in, y'all, to call the match. ITZHOVER! 3 minutes ago
  • ITZHOVER!I 4 minutes ago
  • If city defaulted on DOWD/DOGG suit, judge skips sorting out "Conduct Code" and goes to jury to decide "lifetime disability" damages for ZD. 4 minutes ago
  • OH MY GOODNESS does $333K seem like $3.33, now. (IT'S OVER! There is nothing left for you to fuck up on. Nothing left to go wrong for you.) 21 minutes ago
  • DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IT WOULD COST TO SETTLE DOWD/DOGG, NOW, to keep from filing for "default" against city? (I don't know, but A LOT!) 22 minutes ago
  • At THIS point, since there is no settlement to discuss and nothing city can do, Nuch's discussion will turn to, "WHOSE HEAD IS GONNA ROLL!" 24 minutes ago
  • If city defaulted on DOWD/DOGG lawsuit, once jury awards damages, city can't appeal award like they did with Hunt since they defaulted.Darn. 25 minutes ago
  • THE GOOD NEWS IS: City Attorney's office no longer has to spend time on DOWD/DOGG suit, anymore. The bad news is cause they "defaulted." 26 minutes ago
  • ZD's new favorite legal term: "DEFAULT, Y'ALL!!!" 30 minutes ago
  • WHO NEEDS LARRY H. PARKER, when you got MATT H. DOWD? (Right, NUCH?) 58 minutes ago
  • @EricGarcetti: Do you REALIZE the City Attorney defaulted on DOWD/DOGG lawsuit? That means "Code of Conduct" will LOSE automatically! DOH! 59 minutes ago
  • "He who hesitates (to settle) is lost." ("Lost" as in "lost case to DOWD/DOGG over "default.") Should have settled...TOO LATE, NOW. (It is.) about an hour ago
  • BREAKING NEWS: I'm no lawyer, but by looking at the letter the judge sent DOWD/DOGG on Friday, appears L.A. City DEFAULTED on the lawsuit. about an hour ago

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