Friday, February 11, 2011

California State ASSembly Speaker John Perez - A Message From Zuma Dogg For Uncle Antonio


You remember me...the Big ZD from the 213! We met when you were talking to Zuma Dogg and Fox 11 News' John Schwada when you were talking turkey with Arnold Sissynegger over the failed budget proposal. I could take about one minute of your hot air, bullshit, jibber-jabber to my question (at the end of this video) about FEDERAL STIMULUS MONEY AND THE WASTE, THEREOF, before I told you EXACTLY what I think about what YOU have to say, John. HERE'S THE VIDEO:

Anywho, the reason I'm blogging, is because as State ASSembly Speaker, Venice Beach and City of Los Angeles is under your jurisdiction and political influence.

On October 21, 2010, a FEDERAL JUDGE ruled in Zuma Dogg's favor on some PRETTY BIG FEDERAL ISSUES at Venice Beach.

And inside L.A. City Council chambers there have been some nasty 30 day bans my 1st Amendment speech as protected under the U.S. Constitution; and "as applied" Garcetti, Perry and Zine really done fucked up! PLUS, THE FIVE YEARS' WORTH OF VIOLATIONS ON VENICE BEACH. (And a whole lot of stuff City Hall wants me to agree to in this settlement.)


And I am getting crankier, cause LAPD keeps operating in the same nefarious, mean-spirited, legally questionable behavior on the Venice Boardwaslk -- and I still am being violated by city council on a daily basis -- as they fail to take this settlement matter and the Plaintiff as seriously as I believe they should be.

So it all ends up with me sitting around, waiting for this matter to settle, so I can carry on with my pre-gadfly/political blogging days.

And since I can't get Antonio to call Rosendahl to call the City Attorney Office to get this thing wrapped up with something REASONABLE (considering the magnitude of the City's FEDERAL loss -- and the ruling that is pending regarding a related Venice Lawsuit (Hunt/Dowd) in 9th Circuit (IS NOT GOING TO GO THE CITY'S WAY...WILL BE A CRUSHING BLOW TO THE CITY, WHICH OPENS IT UP EVEN WIDER FOR ZUMA DOGG TO COME STEAMROLLING THROUGH -- EVEN STRONGER)...

maybe you could call Uncle Antonio and see how things are rolling along and what the hell is going on. Because NOW, I am up to renewable energy scams, City of Vernon TAKEOVER plans, NIKO consulting, Sage Advisors, Santa Maria Group, Pension Fraud, CRA/LA fraud relating to pension fraud -- and as Planning Commissioner, CRA Commissioner, State Assembly Speaker and Uncle Anotonio's nephew...YOU SURE ARE MAKING MY "TEAM SHADY" RADAR LOOK LIKE A MAJOR EARTHQUAKE JUST HIT WHEN I ENTER YOUR NAME ON A ZUMA DOGG World-Famous "SHADY-SEARCH."

So maybe you can get involved as State Assembly Speaker and as Antonio's relative and TEAM SHADY crew member to try and resolve this important legal matter. Because after all, Venice Beach Boardwalk is the BIGGEST TOURIST ATTRACTION (ECONOMIC REVENUE STIMULATOR) IN THE REGION THAT IS UNDER YOUR JURISDICTION.

Feel free to use State time on this matter. Call Antonio. See what's up. Cause I'm making calls about Vernon and all the stuff mentioned above to see what's up.


Zuma Dogg
Constituent of State Assembly Speaker John Perez

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