Friday, February 18, 2011

VIDEO: Former Governor and Former Movie Star Arnold Schwarzengger Gets PERSONAL, FACE-TO-FACE PUBLIC COMMENT by ZUMA DOGG (Over PENSION FRAUD)

TIMING IS EVERYTHING! As Zuma Dogg was walking down the street, he happened to bump into some no-heart, noodled-arm, pussy of his former self, Former State-Wrecker Arnold Schwarzenegger. WELL, as some of you may know, ZD HAS BEEN WAITING TO GIVE THAT SISSY-HEART A PIECE OF MY MIND OVER PENSION FRAUD.

Last time I was face to face with the former legend, I warned him of Wetherly Capitial's Julio Ramierz. LATER THAT DAY, Ramierz plead GUILTY to SEC fraud relating to pension money in his role at Wetherly with Dan Weinstein. So luckily, ZD was able to give Arnold a little follow-up, recap.

And the REAL TIMING was on Matt Dowd's part, who happened to be driving by, saw ZD screaming at the former Governor, and hopped out with his cell phone to capture the tail end of the rant. At first, Arnold was smiling and enjoying ZD making fun of all the pension-pilferers like Ramirez, Ziman, Weinstein, et al...until I accused HIM of hoppin' right on the shady bandwagon.

That's when the coward ran away like the sissy that he is. HEY, PUNKENEGGER...can't say I wasn't willing to say it to your FACE...

AND, we were actually toe to toe at one point, before his "bodyguard" warned me not to cross onto the retail store parking lot. HEY SCHWARZENEGGER...tell your monkey-boy he doesn't run security at the mall, and next time, I'LL FEEL QUITE FREE TO CROSS THE LINE AND TAKE ONE STEP CLOSER, PAL.

To sum it up: It felt pretty good to give that chump-ass, had-no-right-to-get-into-politics-cause-he-had-no-heart, loser of a former Governor, former movie star and former anything else, a piece of my mind while he had to take it and his sissy bodyguard tried to enforce mall security. LOL!

COMING NEXT: When is CURRENT GOVERNOR going to do something about California pension fraud. He has the file. He knows what happened. When is he going to deliver some indictments and clean this mess up. JERRY BROWN...I've sure exposed the entire pension fraud scheme and named all the players...and I don't know anything YOU don't know...the people are getting itchy...WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO STEP IN!!! ANDREW CUOMO DID THE RIGHT THING AND DID THE JOB HE WAS ELECTED TO DO. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO DO THE JOB YOU WERE ELECTED TO DO AS ATTORNEY GENERAL. You've been don't have to worry about political fallout for re-election...INDICT THE CRIMINALS THAT STOLE THE MONEY THAT BANKRUPT THIS STATE!!! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU DO ALL DAY, JERRY??? YOU ALREADY HAVE THE FILE??? MAKE THE FUCKING INDICTMENTS!!!! DON'T EMBARRASS YOURSELF, JERRY BROWN!!! I'M MAKING YOU LOOK UNINFORMED AND IGNORANT.

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