Thursday, February 10, 2011

Is John Perez, Antonio Villaraigosa & Jose Huizar Trying to TAKEOVER City of Vernon in A Renewable Energy Scam?

[Pictured: "TEAM SHADY" family members John Perez and Uncle Mini-me. Watch out City of Vernon. You don't stand a chance.]

I didn't have TIME to blog about Perez, Molina, Villar, Huizar, & TEAM SHADY's TAKEOVER of City of Vernon to dump into CD 14, BUT NOW I DO!

Is California State Assembly Speaker John Perez, Board of County Supervisor Gloria Molina, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar attempting to TAKEOVER the troubled City of Vernon in an attempt to dump Vernon into Huizar's Council District 14 -- and cash in on the renewable energy angle that Vernon brings to the table?

ADDITIONAL NAMES OF INTEREST: Niko Consulting, Sage Advisors and The Santa Maria Group -- all of whom list 221 S Figueroa St # 240 Los Angeles, CA 90012-3869 as their address.

Niko helps back politicians. Wendy Greuel paid them a lot when she ran for Controller. They had a birthday bash fundraiser for CRA/LA's Christine Essel. Congressional candidate (endorsed by Villar & TEAM SHADY) Janice Hahn has a relationship with Niko, as well.

Sage Advisors seem to be a renewable energy public relations firm.

And introducing Dan Weitzman to the ZD blog network and his instant-anointment onto "TEAM SHADY."

I think since there ain't the shady money in real estate as much as their used to be, and they already bilked billions of the pension money in these real estate deals...time for the FUTURE of GRANDADDY PILFERAGE POSSIBILITIES: RENEWABLE ENERGY.

Read the players and their consultant cronies -- HERE! - "Is John Perez, Antonio Villaraigosa & Jose Huizar Trying to TAKEOVER City of Vernon in A Renewable Energy Scam?"

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only name missing here is "Ari Swiller." That's Antonio's pal, who purchased wind farm real estate that DWP was negotiating to buy, and then sold it to the City of Vernon for a huge profit. I bet Ari is also moving behind the scenes on the Vernon deal. Something stinks here. February 15, 2011 10:56 PM


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