Tuesday, February 15, 2011

L.A. City News for 2/15/11 - Mayor's Parking Memo To Council, CalPERS responds to Zuma Dogg's Blog & Venice Beach Legal Update (ZD Hiring Attorney!)

LA City News Tweets

  • ZUMA DOGG vs L.A. Settlement Update: City BALKS at LEGITIMATE offer. ZD can no longer represent himself as attorney. Just spoke with TOP CENTURY CITY CIVIL RIGHTS ATTORNEY. Already had first round of strategy talks. I'LL LET HIM HANDLE IT! ZD can move on with his life! ($700/hr, plus WORKING ON A BONUS BASED ON SETTLEMENT AMOUNT!!! HE'S GONNA CRUSH YOU!!!! L.A BANKRUPTCY, HERE YOU COME!!!)
  • I HOPE PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES REALIZE ZD could sure use $100,000, but can't SELL-OUT historic 1st Amendment ruling. Want TOTAL RULING! less than a minute ago
  • MILLIONS!!!!: How much it is ABSOLUTELY going to cost L.A. City on DOWD/DOGG lawsuit. Just a matter of how many. WE GAVE YOU EVER CHANCE! 12 minutes ago
  • SORRY I WASN'T AT TODAY'S CITY COUNCIL MEETING, AS PLANNED. Had an appointment with $700/hr Century City attorney to represent ZD's lawsuit. 31 minutes ago
  • Although it's gonna cost L.A. City an extra $500,000 or more, Zuma Dogg ALREADY IN DISCUSSIONS with TOP CENTURY CITY ATTORNEY. ($700/hr & Bonus on TOTAL AMOUNT!)
  • 2/15 LA Times: "After losing 42% in value of its extensive real estate portfolio..." (NO PROBLEM, only PENSION MONEY!) - http://ow.ly/3Wz77 about 10 hours ago
  • ON THE HEELS OF ZUMA DOGG BLOGGING - CalPERS approves shift to less-risky real estate investments - http://ow.ly/3WvnW about 14 hours ago
  • RT @nbcla: Coliseum Commission to meet Tuesday about conflict-of-interest allegations http://bit.ly/h2YpXI #ElectricDaisy 36 minutes ago
  • nbcla: 5000 #LAUSD employees (4000 of which are teachers) could lose their jobs on June 30th. Notices expected to go out by March15. 39 minutes ago
  • Homeboy Industries pins hopes on chips & salsa. (Is there a hole in market for chips & salsa?) http://ow.ly/3WTu9 41 minutes ago
  • It may surprise you, but when I was asked, "Who is the LEAST REDEEMING Councilmember?" I didn't even have to think twice: JANICE HAHN! about an hour ago
  • This quantum energy comes and goes. Had a little "bout" last week. But as quickly as it comes, it goes. FEEL GREAT, NOW.. Again...so sorry! about 10 hours ago
  • I feel pretty triumphant when I read in today's LATimes about CalPERS losses in shady, bullsh*t, after I hammered on it. http://ow.ly/3WzN3 about 10 hours ago
  • BOTTOM LINE ON ZD SETTLEMENT w L.A: The only way I can deal with it, at this point, is to hand to attorney and go ALL THE WAY for principal. about 10 hours ago
  • AFTER A MEGA-INTENSE round of blogging, with a lot of Pension Fraud exposure...I hope to chill out and live a more balanced day, this week. about 10 hours ago
  • Jose Huizar & Kevin Deleon quoted in today's LA Times over Boyle Hts non-profit scandal: http://ow.ly/3WzDp (OH, it's not a scandal.) about 10 hours ago
  • THAT WAS A TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE EPISODE: Although PLENTY for FEDERAL INVESTIGATORS to mull over, past 2 wks of INTENSE blogging made me ill. about 10 hours ago
  • DON'T BE CONFUSED: I LOVE @Bill_Rosendahl as the GREATEST SPIRIT I'VE EVER MET: All my bipolar council blogging about him is making me sick. about 10 hours ago
  • I can tell by the page views on my L.A. City Council March 2011 Voter Guide post from over a month ago, people are checking things out, now. about 10 hours ago
  • WHEW! What a past week, or two on my blog. Some really bad City Hall energy floating around caught me. Sorry, Bill! U'R still my Valentine! about 10 hours ago
  • QUANTUM PHYSICS: Feel like I passed a "bad energy" blog-stone, but today I feel a lot better. It made for some good PENSION FRAUD blogging. about 10 hours ago
  • LA LIVE RITZ CARLTON CONDOS UP FOR SALE, THIS WEEK: Wait until it doesn't go as hoped...IT WON'T: AEG in BIG $ trouble. http://ow.ly/3WvFb about 13 hours ago

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