Sunday, February 20, 2011

L.A. City News for 2/21/11 - PENSION FRAUD IS SUCKING ALL THE AIR OUT OF THE ROOM (What Else Really Matters? It's the root cause of BUDGET EMERGENCY!)

[PICTURED: Pension Fraud Prong, Moctesuma Esparza. Would it surprise you to find out he was a Villar pension appointee who also works for Palladium Equity Partners and this guy is shady as FUCK!]

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ZD'S PENSION FRAUD RESEARCH NOTES (Links to "connect the dot" supporting articles.):
  • When CalPERS requested disclosure documents of placement agent firms they do biz with, HOW COME PALLADIUM REFUSED TO COMPLY WITH REQUEST? about a minute ago
  • VILLAR'S APPOINTEE: Moctesuma Esparza: Listed as Operating Executive for Palladium Equity. Guess he's STILL part of it? 4 minutes ago
  • BINGO: Villaraigosa appointed Moctesuma, who leveraged money to Palladium, who distributed it to cronies. AND Moctsuma is part of Palladium! 10 minutes ago
  • If you are wondering why the City of Los Angeles is in this budget and services emergency, ask: Palladium Equity Partners, PLAIN & SIMPLE! 15 minutes ago
  • Jun 6, 2007: Palladium Equity Partners has opened a new office in Los Angeles The California office will be headed by Maria del Pilar Avila. 23 minutes ago
  • LACERS voted to invest up to $10 million in Palladium in 2005, seven months before Esparza was picked by Villaraigosa to serve on the board. 25 minutes ago
  • HIGHER TURNOVER RATE THAN HUIZAR:2009 LA Times -7th Villaragiosa pension appointee resigns in 6 mos. Moctesuma Esparza - 26 minutes ago
  • PENSION FRAUD: No matter what language...spells, "SHADY!" (Let's invest in Latin American "Alternative Investments!" 28 minutes ago
  • PENSION FRAUD "SHADY CONVENTION": Look at the names attending this convention. Like a "Pension Goodfellas" convention. 31 minutes ago
  • Vicky Schiff, former LACERS board member, was also a Wetherly board member at the time the Palladium Equity investment was being considered. 33 minutes ago
  • 4/27/09: Wetherly Capital ties LACERS to Morris scandal. (You'll recognize names from ZD's blogging. They're now GUILTY! 36 minutes ago
  • PENSION FRAUD: State of California is ONE BIG NON-PROFIT, with the SAME NAMES shoveling CalPERS/LACERS money to cronies. 38 minutes ago
  • RT @latimesmost: After bankruptcy filing, couple's spending continued (Sounds like PERFECT COUPLE to run for COUNCIL!) about an hour ago
  • REMINDER to L.A. City regarding any new Venice Beach laws.It's not for city to enforce for aesthetics or control/tilt competitive markets. about an hour ago
  • FYI: I need to remind the City regarding any new Venice Beach laws: City is NOT ALLOWED to tilt competitive market scales toward any side. about an hour ago
  • Remember me screaming about "ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS?" Ooops, CalPERS "Alt Investment" managers flee, amidst shadiness. about an hour ago
  • OH NO...Did CalPERS use "MISLEADING NUMBERS"? That's the BIGGEST WAY TO GET BUSTED in the book! (2/11/11 article): about an hour ago
  • SacBee PENSION BRIBES ARTICLE: Elliott Broidy, Lou Moret, CalPERS, Markstone Capital, Alfred Villalobos, Fred Buenrostro. about an hour ago
  • SacBee PENSION FRAUD ARTICLE: BRIBES - Elliott Broidy, CalPERS, Markstone Capital, Alfred Villalobos, Fred Buenrostro. about an hour ago
  • New America Alliance played an active role in pushing for the recent appointment of Fred R. Buenrostro Jr. to head CalPERS. (How'd THAT go?) less than a minute ago
  • Moctesuma was appointed by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Commissioner to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority AND LACERS? 2 minutes ago
  • New America Alliance founder Henry.Cisneros left Clinton administration after pleading guilty to lying to FBI over payments to a mistress. 4 minutes ago
  • THIS WEEK'S HEADLINES (2/16/11): CalPERS Cooperating with FEDERAL PROBE into Placement Agents. THERE'S A FEDERAL PROBE! about 2 hours ago


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