Monday, February 7, 2011

L.A. City News - Monday Morning Review for 2/7/11 (Recap of Weekend Blog Posts)

I've noticed 5am and 6am are BIG PAGE VIEW HOURS on this blog. (Especially on Monday morning.) So here are the most recent posts from LA City News.from over the weekend and Friday.)

The first blog post is for City Council to check out. I realized, Zuma Dogg, Matt Dowd, The Honorable Judge Dean D. Pregerson, L.A. City Attorney's Office, LAPD and the folks in Rosendahl's office may be experts as to what has been happening @ Venice Beach over the past five years -- and some of us may be aware of what Judge Pregerson had to say in his court, November 9, 2010, regarding items left on the table for Summary Judgment (including the ZD vs Garcetti UFC Headliner -- "'Code of Conduct' - AS APPLIED!") But that does not mean the other council members are aware of how EXPENSIVE AND EMBARRASSING THIS CAN REALLY BECOME...AND IS QUICKLY BECOMING:

I FEEL THE CITY ATTORNEY & COUNCIL OFFICE NOW "GETS IT" THAT ZUMA DOGG DIDN'T TURN INTO A SUCKER-CHUMP PUMPKIN, LAST WEEK...and although there was a slight bump in the road as the city presented me with some bogus settlement numbers...I think there will be momentum, once again, toward a more reasonable figure for something of this wide-ranging municipal (FEDERAL) matter.

BUT, in the meantime, consider that the other posts lined to in this blog thread contain all the information any rookie federal investigator needs to connect the dots. I HOPE YOU DON'T NEED A MONDAY MORNING REMINDER TO GET CRACKIN' ON ZD'S SETTLEMENT STUFF! I DON'T KNOW ANYONE ELSE YOU HAVE ON YOUR PLATE THAT BEAT YOUR ASS IN FEDERAL COURT. (This ain't Superior Court jibber-jabber. We talkin' FEDERAL, Y'ALL! Tell all them sucker chump non-Federal, inferior-superior court muther-f*ckers to get in line behind the BIG DOGG! HE'S GOT FEDERAL ISSUES, Y'ALL!

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