Sunday, February 27, 2011

L.A. City News Tweets for 2/27/11: Another Jose Huizar Staffer Being Questioned by FEDS? (Plus March 8th City Council Election Guide & More...)

LA City News Tweets

  • DOWD/DOGG LAWSUIT: City Attorney LOVES to keep ignoring "Code of Conduct" part of settlement. THAT'S MOST IMPORTANT PART TO REST OF U.S.A.! about 11 hours ago
  • HUIZAR'S GUSTAVO VALDIVIA INVESTIGATED?: Could mean Wyvenwood - or connected CD 14 Huizar contract? about 11 hours ago
  • RT @lanow: Team from North Hollywood High wins DWP's regional Science Bowl (Figured out new way to over-bill users!) about 11 hours ago
  • ALRIGHT, #EricGarcetti cut me off and kicked me out a month ago.Sent me on a pension blog frenzy. Enough is enough. TIME FOR ROUND TWO! about 12 hours ago
  • @vanity_ville Thanks for the supportive information on Bernard Parks! I gotta check out your page more. ZD about 12 hours ago
  • ZUMA DOGG...just killin' time, blogging, until I get this whole lawsuit vs L.A. City Hall all wrapped up. PENSION FRAUD, ROUND 2, NEXT! OUCH about 12 hours ago
  • "I'm just happy that I got a contract," said Gustavo Valdivia, head of Grande Vista. - In response to allegations of CD 14 crony-contract. about 12 hours ago
  • COMMENT: Is Gustavo Valdivia "consultant" for Steve Fink's 15 Group's Wyvenwood Project? (Is this being investigated?) about 12 hours ago
  • BLOG COMMENT: Did Gustavo Valdivia get any $? How much was used to buy off Legacy LA and have them support the incumbent? about 12 hours ago
  • QUITE SOME GOOGLE SEARCH FOR HUIZAR former staffer/special assistant/deputy Gustavo Valdivia! - about 12 hours ago
  • JOSE HUIZAR PAL/Former Staffer, Gustavo Valdivia: ETHICS Questions regarding his work for Exel Property/Charles Co. - about 12 hours ago
  • HUIZAR'S FORMER CITY WORKER - Gustavo Valdivia: Represented Arman Gabby of Exel/Charles Co in Lynwood/Hawthorne. (Help get bids for L.A.?) about 12 hours ago
  • TOP NAME SEARCHED FOR ON INTERNET, LINKING TO L.A. CITY NEWS BLOG @ Alfred Villalobos about 13 hours ago
  • GUESS I'VE DONE ENOUGH HALF-HOUR PUBLIC ACCESS/ZUMA DOGG SHOWS!: Just recorded a new 30 min show. Ended at 29:59, WITHOUT using timer. Damn! about 13 hours ago
  • March 8, 2011 - L.A. CITY COUNCIL VOTER GUIDE & ENDORSEMENT LIST - about 13 hours ago
  • ZUMA DOGG PUBLIC COMMENT VIDEOS from Fri 2/25/11 meeting. - - - about 13 hours ago
  • #JoseHuizar missed over 9000 LA City Council Item Votes about 17 hours ago
  • CD 6 ELECTION ALERT: With corruption OOZING all over CD6, we need David Barron as Councilmember. March 8 Election Post - about 18 hours ago
  • Pro-union demonstrators rally at LA City Hall (Tell them, TOO LATE. They should have demonstrated LACERS investments.) about 18 hours ago
  • RT @GaryBryan to ZD: USA was founded on radical ideas: limited gov., equality and idea that rights come from God, not the government. about 18 hours ago
  • L.A VOTER FRAUD IN FULL EFFECT?: How many damn people vote from one vacant address in this certain district. NORWALK REGISTRAR ALERT! CD6? about 18 hours ago
  • VOTER FRAUD not hard to bust: Just check addresses of votes cast for winning incumbent and see how many register to same vacant address. CD6 about 18 hours ago
  • GOOD NEW TERM on a chilly day: Mayor Sam's Red Spot coined, "Snow Job" for all of @Villaraigosa's shady answers. LOL! Snow job=BELOW 600 ft! about 19 hours ago
  • HAVE YOU SEEN THIS CAMPAIGN WEBSITE: "No Way Jose!" Very Creatively done!. about 19 hours ago
  • HONORABLE JUDGE DEAN PREGERSON put a March 11th deadline on DOWD/DOGG responding to his injunction. NO STOPPING IT, NOW, L.A. City Hall. :-( about 20 hours ago
  • As much as I REALLY NEED MONEY, I really do want, "my day in court," and have judge state on record his findings on treatment of ZD by City. about 20 hours ago
  • THANKS, ED!: A lot of people don't like Ed Reyes, but it was nice of him to say, "Just take care of yourself," when ZD saw him in city hall. about 21 hours ago
  • Still turbulence over Venice lawsuit still hanging over my head, but ZD went on TV 35 record Friday to clarify, "I DO LOVE @Bill_Rosendahl!" about 21 hours ago
  • Though not an official ordinance, please respect "Icon Non-Encroachment Zone" when ZD walks down the street. (Please don't run up to touch.) about 21 hours ago
  • WHY ZD URGES YOU TO RE-ELECT B. PARKS: BIG PICTURE! He is ONLY CM who knows about budget and speaks up. TEAM SHADY backing Parks' opponent. about 22 hours ago
  • March 8: CD6=David Barron, CD8=Bernard Parks (YES, PARKS!), CD10=Austin Dragon/Althea Shaw, CD12 (Anyone but Englander) CD14 No Way Jose. about 22 hours ago
  • LA City Council just LOVES keeping Zuma Dogg around and in the blogging/gadfly arena. They JUST LOVE IT. They REFUSE to release me from it. about 22 hours ago
  • CBS DAVID GOLDSTEIN on @GaryBryanShow talking about Housing Commission eating all the money at Ritz Carlton dinners, etc. about 23 hours ago
  • KELLY CANDAELE: Quit giving women a bad name, since yours is one! How shady AND sloppy can on dumb, greedy mutherfucker be? (TEAM WETHERLY!) about 23 hours ago
  • MORE ARTICLES saying, "The real cause of the pension fund debacle is the greed of Wall Street and its corporate allies." about 23 hours ago
NEW VIDEO: Zuma Dogg - "Zuma Show" for Sunday (2/27/11) - So Much Corruption, It's A 30 Minute Show (And I Talked Fast!)

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