Saturday, February 19, 2011

Zuma Dogg "LIVE" Video Show: 1st Amendment Violations, Pension Fraud and a Message for Jerry Brown, Kamala Harris & Eric H. Holder

I got a new webcam, so I can stream LIVE "Zuma Show" episodes. Here's how the first, warm up, episode went down. Zuma talks "Code of Conduct" during public comment and pension fraud discussion -- including a message for CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR JERRY BROWN & CALIFORNIA DISTRICT ATTORNEY KAMALA HARRIS & U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC H. HOLDER.


ANOTHER ZUMA SHOW from Saturday Night, including KARAOKE (SOME SERIOUS PENSION FRAUD SH*T EXPOSED AFTER "You Should Be Dancing" song:

ALL CALIFORNIA & LOS ANGELES PENSION FRAUD INFO IS CONTAINED IN THIS SINGLE BLOG POST: L.A. City News - Week In Review (2/19/11): "Code of Conduct" Legal Review, Pension Fraud MEGA-POSTS & NEW ZUMA DOGG VIDEOS! (ZD Blasts Schwarzepussy!)

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