Tuesday, March 1, 2011

L.A. City News Tweets for 3/2/11 - The Return of "ZumaDogg.com" and More Top Headlines Affecting Los Angeles

LA City News Tweets

  • Welcome to http://ZumaDogg.com: My name is Zuma Dogg. Matt Dowd & I beat L.A. in Federal Court on 1st Amendment. Settlement price now $775K, each, for 3/2/11 ONLY!
  • DISCLAIMER: Zuma Dogg's generous offer to settle with L.A. City for "Bargain-Buster" price of $775K is valid for 3/2/11 only. Expires at 7p. about a minute ago
  • DOWD/DOGG vs L.A. UPDATE: I think City Attorney needs to get clarification on what judge requested and ZD's price to settle on 3/2 is $775K. 2 minutes ago
  • BAD NEWS FOR MICROSOFT BING: Google adjusted the way they rank results. NOW, Google search for "Zuma Dogg" blows away Bing! Bing is a joke. 16 minutes ago
  • Welcome to the slightly streamlined LA City News. Gonna do a slight re-vamp, now that http://ZumaDogg.com has returned to ZD blog family. 36 minutes ago
  • THERE GOES THE PENSION MONEY! (Rising oil prices to rock Wall Street. LACERS didnt' plan on Libya crisis. OH WELL.) about an hour ago
  • LAUSD board to close six charter schools caught cheating http://lat.ms/fm0JjI (Don't know what's shadier: LAUSD board or cheating charters?) about an hour ago
  • ALEX PADILLA thinks he's running for MAYOR OF L.A.? LOL! Why not just elect Fredo Corleone. Why would you elect cause of subprime crisis? about an hour ago
  • HOW COME other bloggers cares if $50,000 is misspent by City Hall, BUT YOU REMAIN SILENT ON LOSING BILLIONS IN PENSION MONEY? (Kinda nutty.) about 2 hours ago
  • CBS chief Moonves downplays financial effect of Charlie Sheen drama (CBS Moonves also downplayed financial effect of losing Howard Stern.) about 2 hours ago
  • Does new California Attorney General Kamala Harris know she is there to defend and protect CA AGAINST criminals? (I think she's confused!) about 2 hours ago
  • If nutty Clean Sweep tail chasers want to read my blog, of course that's fine, but PLEASE do not contact me with your NIMBY emails. Thanks. about 2 hours ago
  • RT @villaraigosa: Clean air & water are imperative to the quality of life and health of our communities (So is having YOU removed as mayor.) about 5 hours ago
  • CITY ATTORNEY: OSC does not appear to be a request for your '09 answer to DOWD; but why it shouldn't be dismissed for "lack of prosecution." about 6 hours ago
  • Today marks the return of http://ZumaDogg.com to it's rightful constituent. about 6 hours ago
  • http://zumadogg.com about 9 hours ago
  • JANICE HAHN just said, "I think we can handle corruption AND preserve jobs!" (Regarding Vernon.) THAT is most CLASSIC LINE, EVER, CON HAHN! about 10 hours ago
  • VILLAR-PEREZ'S CITY OF VERNON TAKEOVER: The Corleone Family is accusing the Soprano Family of being corrupt. (It's "spit take" laughable!) about 10 hours ago
  • RT @schwarzenegger: "People need a new vision of what's possible..." - Gov @Schwarzenegger (Yeah,luckily that vision does not include you.) about 10 hours ago
  • HOW YOU KNOW LA.'s VERNON TAKEOVER IS CORRUPT: Perez, Villar, Molina, Baca, Shitley-Thomas are FOR IT. (A "Who's Who of shady!) SCARY BUNCH! about 11 hours ago
  • When I heard Gloria Molina explain all the problems on how terrible Vernon political leadership is, I THOUGHT SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT HERSELF? about 11 hours ago
  • Mayor Villar's bigger cousin John Perez brings his greedy, bad-spin, political corruption machine to LA Council chambers today over Vernon. about 11 hours ago
  • Charlie Sheen says he's so SPECIAL; everyone is a loser; can't do it w/out him; wants more money: (THAT'S MY SCRIPT, Y'ALL. Gonna sue you!) about 11 hours ago
  • ZUMA DOGG SLIPS TO #2 IN RANKING: Charlie Sheen takes new #1 spot about 12 hours ago
  • DOWD/DOGG 3/1/11 MUNICIPAL DISCOUNT: TODAY ONLY, DOWD/DOGG will accept $750K each to settle. Expires 3/2/11. (Not joking. A good deal 4 U.) about 12 hours ago
  • I think Nuch felt bad for lying to me about a job, then not following through, so he BLEW the Venice case on purpose to help make up for it. about 12 hours ago
  • Wouldn't it be funny if after a 5 year battle at Venice with L.A. if they BLEW their case over a "default." 800 ATTORNEYS TO DEFAULT? lol about 12 hours ago
  • EFFECTIVE L.A. CLEAN SWEEP: They endorsed THREE candidates in CD6 out of FOUR candidates running. BIG HELP! (And Cardenas was the fourth.) about 13 hours ago
  • I guess the genius Ron Kaye couldn't figure out to take out TV ads until I asked him to support mine. Then he asked for my contact info? LOL about 13 hours ago
  • RON KAYE: How come you have "Zuma Dogg" as keyword on EVERY SINGLE BLOG POST YOU CREATE? Trying to ride my name? (F*CKS up my Google searches.)
  • RT @schwarzenegger:Talking about how we can move forward with an energy policy. (Hey Sissynegger, you aren't Gov, anymore, asswipe. GO BACK TO HOLLYWOOD SETS OR SHINE FABIAN'S SHOES!)
  • NOTE TO FUTURE: February 2011 is the single most important month of ZD blogging in nearly 5 yr history.: Feb '11 Archive: http://ow.ly/468fT

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