Saturday, April 9, 2011

NEW: Zuma Show - 1 (Zuma Dogg on L.A. City Hall for 4/9/11)

From: Now that I have a new computer with a media studio, built-in, here is the type of show I can crank out, all day and all night long, to fill the holes being left by Oprah, Glenn Beck and to fill the void on issues not covered, elsewhere.

BONUS FOLLOW UP VIDEO TO "ZUMA SHOW - 1": The HEAT, y'all - ZUMA SHOW (Backstage footage!): After BLASTING LAPD @ City Council meeting inside City Hall, Zuma Dogg bumps into an LAPD Police Commissioner, outside on the street, and continues with his rant. EXPLOSIVE & HILARIOUS. (Where's the Emmy, y'all?)

Haven't blogged here for a while. Catch up on everything up till now at (A lot of videos on L.A. City Hall and Zuma Dogg at Venice Beach has been posted, recently.)

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