Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zuma Dogg Facebook Updates & Tweets (Thoughts) on L.A. City for 4/19/2011 (The comedy comes from the crankiness.)

[Pictured: Zuma Dogg - 5 Year Anniversary Souvenir Photo: Nice pic taken from my low-grade cell phone cam inside City Hall chambers. (The scene of their crimes.) Taken 4/6/11 on the five year anniversary since the first time I took this picture. (Kinda like those two Red and Blue "Best of" Beatles albums.)]

SERIOUSLY, I just sent this direct message to Alex Padilla via facebook: "Is "Michael Corleone" gonna be our next mayor? Have you decided to run? LOL! Everything fell apart in council chambers after you left. -ZD" (Do you think he "got" that I meant HE is 'Michael Corleone?" I hope so!)

R&R INDUSTRY TALENT ALERT!: Yes, It's Dave Elliott, weighing in for the fist time in a decade to let you know - first person to get these two to Clive Davis is gonna have a Grammy Award on their desk, next year! Get ready to fall in LOVE for the first time, again (with an artist.) Could be Bonnie Raitt's long-lost daughter (if she has one.) Maybe even Janis or Patsy's. (Send a message if you wanna hear more songs.)

[See her sing LIVE in Malibu, Wednesday Night @ 10pm! Send ZD email or message @zumadogg (twitter) or http://facebook.com/zumadogg for Mid-Malibu location.]

WEDNESDAY NIGHT KARAOKE, ALMOST HERE, ALREADY!?!: Damn, already time for Malibu karaoke, this week. Stunning, show-stopping performances from Zuma Dogg and I believe the singer who is featured on my facebook page (see song & video) will be appearing. THE CROWD IS GONNA GO NUTZ FOR HER/WILL BLOW ROOF OFF THE SUCKA! 10pm, Wednesday Night, at the Malibu karaoke location.

Since ZD had LAPD's wings clipped on boardwalk by City Attorney...NO LAPD PRESENCE, AT ALL!!! Why be there, if you can't be corrupt and shady? LOL! So, watch for ZD to blaze down the boardwalk on his motorized scooter, since it's "ZUMA DOGG DOES WHATEVER THE FUCK HE WANTS TODAY," day! Try and stop me...good luck!

District Attorney Candidate Alan Jackson is DISMANTLING Carmen "Nuch" Trutainch, already through intensive and strategic media campaign, calling out Nuch for reneging on his campaign promise NOT to run for higher office and finish the job he was elected for.

(He is on camera saying he would serve 8 year term, if allowed by voters. NOW HE'S SAYING HE'LL RUN FOR D.A., HALF WAY THROUGH HIS FIRST TERM. (Ain't gonna have the support, this time around, Nuch. And you AIN'T running against L.A.'s most hated Villar-back candidate, ever (Jack Weiss).) Good luck!

Mr. Maserati Big Shot/Big Mouth Gets BLASTED by A Bigger/More Informed Big Mouth (MINE!): A Maserati pulls up BLOCKING an EMPTY mini-mart parking lot, with not ONE car in the lot. He could have just pulled into empty lot. Instead, he BLOCKS it so no one else could pull in and cars had to drive around to pass on street...(continue)

A lot of new and cranky Tweets, today, about the BudgetLA meeting, going on, right now, where City Officials are breaking news to crowd that, "it's worse since great depression, is unsustainable...(and you better be ready to vote for more increases, OR ELSE!!!) Posted @ http://LADailyBlog.com/

For SOME reason, the community budget watchdog/experts at BudgetLA meeting don't like to mention, "PENSION FRAUD" during the dialogue. But it is over the city's losses in these "alternative investments," (in the BILLIONS) that is the reason for the rest of the debate. (Dragnet sounder: DUMB...dumb, dumb, dumb...dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb...dummieeeeees!)

Schwarzenegger on aging: ' I feel shitty when I look at myself in the mirror.': Heavy taxation on your body when you sel your soul, Arnie.

A LONG-TERM SOURCE OF MY CRANKINESS: Congratulations to all the ignorant, arrogant, dummies who disputed ZD on "BUY GOLD" @ $850, $1000, $1100, $1200. YOU ALWAYS SAY IT PEAKED!

Not a COP in site @VeniceBeach! Must all be a Dodgers game. No WONDER someone got stabbed 50 ft from LAPD sub-station on boardwalk! un-LOL!

BUDGET UPDATE: I gave it to you 4 years ago, 3 years ago, 2 years ago and a year ago. Glad you finally showed up! (Of course it's too late now, suckerz.) Better luck, next time. Keep whinin'. You're gonna be paying more, now. AND YES, it's over pension fraud losses. STAY SILENT ON THAT ISSUE.

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