Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Zuma Dogg - L.A. City News for 4/14/11

THAT'S IT: If that little shit of a mayor is gonna come out and talk about education reform during his annual "State of City" speech, WHEN LAUSD IS NOT UNDER HIS JURISDICTION...I AM GOING TO START REFERRING TO HIM AS "SHAMELESS MIDGET MAYOR" like everyone else. Hey, Antonio, you little midget-mayor...YOU HAVE SOME NERVE, PUTZ! Good luck post-term!

The reason why our little midget-mayor (Antonio Villaragiosa) spends so much time taking pictures in schools and talking about schools (even though he's mayor, not superintendent) is because CLEARLY he is more comfortable being surrounded with people of his own size and knowledge.

DUMP CARR!: If mini-mayor Vigarosa want to cut 11% of his staff...START WITH DEADWEIGHT LOSER JEFF CARR! He provides NO value or service to L.A. I have a GPS device on HIS ass: All he does is bop around intimidating Dept Heads/GMs to cut and do what the mayor wants, "or else!" DOUCHETONIO, you FUCK up everything you touch. LOSE THE THUG AND LET THE EXPERT DEPT HEADS DO THEIR JOB. You could NEVER do ANY of them, Punk.

Sad to watch country struggle with education/government reform (improved efficiency) with no game plan other than meaningless dumb sh*t like ranking teachers. All your goals start with Deming's 14 Points. I don't know how to more strongly emphasize that. Stop trying to conduct the orchestra without sheet music, dummies. Most of you elected officials probably aren't even good at your instruments in the first place.

You Don't Create Sustainable Jobs Through "White Elephant" Projects Aimed at Creating Jobs: L.A. CITY JOB CREATION CONUNDRUM: There is only one person in the city (that I am aware of) that ZD feels can apply Deming's 14 Points (Quality & Productivity/Innovation) to the current job creation goals of the City of Los Angeles in the terms that I am thinking of...

Steve Winwood - "Back In The Highlife Again" was playing in background at coffee shop. Said to barista, "That's my theme song. It gives me inspiration. Back in the highlife, again. Been waiting 20 years, now." She starts laughing uncontrollably. I said, "Awe, yeah! You like my kinda humor!" She said, "You just fired that off so fast, off the top of your head." [I FELL IN LOVE! A chick who loves me for my improv?]

  1. Shameless midget @Villaragiosa has nerve to focus on "education reform," during a city services meltdown. (LAUSD NOT under mayor's duties.)
  2. VIDEO: Zuma Dogg BLASTS LAPD Commissioner while walking down street. HILARIOUS, Emmy-Award worthy performance.
  3. I notice some local women trying to find out more about ZD. Figure must be rich since I live in nice area and never work. Why burst bubble?
  4. Since ZD lives in upscale area and people see him walkin' around, all day, during work hours, some think I'm a crazy billionaire. 1/2 right!
  5. I LOVE that I live in a neighborhood where I almost got run over by a Ferrari, just now. Think he just wanted a stunt-like thrill. I DIDN'T!
  6. O.G. CLASSIC: Here is audio of a "The Zuma Dogg Show," as aired throughout L.A. on public access. LIVE calls! FUNNY.
  7. AS THOUGH THERE'S NO BUDGET CRISIS: Gov Brown passes law to spend unlimited $ on "green energy" & Mayor A. Douchebag wants more $ for LAUSD.
  8. IF #ZUMADOGG blog posts exposing #PENSION #FRAUD scares the shiznit out of you (cause you are part of it) get ready for a late night post?
  9. I've made decision since L.A. is BEYOND repair, just gonna vote for mayoral candidate MOST FUN to watch=Garcetti. He'll MELT under pressure!
  10. MEGA L.A. City News Update by Zuma Dogg for 4/12/11 - Facebook & Twitter Updates, HERE!
  11. L.A. Unified releases school ratings using 'value-added' method (Worse than meaningless...damaging. Ask Deming.)
  12. RT @latimes: Firehouses feel pinch of cuts in L.A. budget (No, the PEOPLE OF L.A. feels pinch of Villar's corruption.)

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