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Zuma Dogg - L.A. City News Update for Monday, April 11, 2011 (LOTS OF NEW CONTENT!!!)

Had this blog on "private" (not visible to public) for the past month, or so, while my computer was broke. Unfortunatley, someone gave me a new computer to use. Here we go...Zuma Dogg...Year Five! (Since L.A. City STILL hasn't made any reasonable attempt to settle my VICTORIOUS Federal lawsuit, while LAPD is still pulling the same old costly igno-tactics on the icon) Read it and weep, L.A. City LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSERS:

RE-POST, IN CASE YOU MISSED IT OVER THE WEEKEND: Now that I have a new computer with a media studio, built-in, here is the type of show I can crank out, all day and all night long, to fill the holes being left by Oprah, Glenn Beck and to fill the void on issues not covered, elsewhere.

LAPD, FOR THE RECORD: Zuma Dogg was contacted by someone who was detained by LAPD, but with those plastic ties, instead of metal handcuffs. The smart cop didn't know how to untie the guy, so he took out a knife and tried to cut the straps, which he DID...along with the skin of the hand attatched to it. YES, SMART LAPD cop tries to cut loose detained person with knife and cuts the guy. YES, ZD suggested a lawsuit.

Someone using the threat of arming Zuma Dogg with insider information on CalPERS, to get leverage on CalPERS board!!! (Triumphant!): "I'm not here to defend the likes of Weinstein and Villalobos, but I am here to put CalPERS board on notice that I will be arming the relentless, knarly, and rabid ZUMADOGG with the goods. Either you guys clean house of the old guard once and for all, or get your rabbies shots ahead of time. I absolutely do not buy into the premise that the consultants at places like CalPERS and LAFP were not complicit in the shenanigans that took place." (LOOK FOR SOME NEW ZD CalPERS PensionGate blogging, coming up, perhaps...)

isn't created by projects aimed at creating jobs. It is created by innovative products and services that fill a real need.

ZD's LA CITY NEWS TWEETS: My post on Alarcon's shady Lopez Canyon money transfer - day before it hit agenda: (NOW, a month later, people buzzin'.)

Was thinking of L.A. County Supervisor GLORIA MOLINA, and I thought of a new term..."Queenpin!"

"Maybe local govts were laundering state money meant for welfare moms, sick children, (etc.) into their pension funds." - LA Times (4/11/11)

RT @cnbctopstories: Oil Prices to Extend Rally. (RALLY makes it sound like a good thing. Like your hometown team rallying back to win game.)

Proposed downtown LA football stadium could require county as well as city approval: (I guess County Supes want THEIR piece of the pie!)

GOLD is at an all-time high. But in 2-years, this will be the 2-year low. In 3-years, this will be the 3-year low, etc...get it? ;-)

ANGELINOS ALREADY EXPERTS: Federal Govt. starting same "belt-tightening" talk as L.A. council. We know how it ends. No one agrees/headed off cliff!

RT @tinapaid: Damn. @villaraigosa, @zumadogg despises you... (Thank you for noticing, Tina! My efforts are not in vain.)

BREAKING: D.A. Steve Cooley busts City of Mayberry officials in corruption sting. (Andy ate a free cookie at a bake sale.) Nothing to bust in L.A.!

ZD PensionGate: - - - - -

SAME IN L.A.: Taxpayers Pay Wall Street Pensions: New York City taxpayer helping to pay $850 million in Wall Street ... (Substitute word, "L.A.")

Shootings at L.A.-area parties leave two dead, one wounded (Otherwise, some good parties and everyone else had fun!) [Yes, bitter commentary!]

RT @villaraigosa: It was so much fun riding down the streets chanting 'I love LA' with angelenos of all ages! (The Mr. Magoo Mayor as all municipal hell breaks loose under his watch.)

@EricGarcetti wants DWP watchdog in place by September: Zuma Dogg wants Eric Garcetti watchdog in place by Monday. (Besides Zumawatch Dogg.)

If you're just checking into this blog for the first time in a while, check out my page for what you missed.

Posted a poll question on my facebook page. Regarding Eric Garcetti's "Hollywood TicketGate." VOTE NOW!

Thanks to my new computer, I can record and post City Councilmembers putting foot in mouth off TV 35, before they have a chance to sit down!

MORE TO COME FOR MONDAY 4/11/11...check back later...

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