Monday, May 23, 2011

CD 2 Councilman Krekorian Wants To Transfer Money Into Neighborhood Council Fund....BUT HE HAS TO APPROVE EVERY EXPENDITURE! (DOH!)


CD 2

MOTION (KREKORIAN - GARCETTI) relative to funding for the purpose of providing grants to Council District Two Neighborhood Council.

Recommendations for Council action, SUBJECT TO THE APPROVAL OF THE MAYOR:

1. TRANSFER/APPROPRIATE $22,000 in the Council District Two portion of the Cultural Affairs Fund No. 100/30, Account No. 9699 (Council Civic Fund, and the unallocated, unencumbered balances in all accounts in the Council District Two Real Property Trust Fund No. 684, and $56,175 in the Council District Two portion of the State AB 1290 Fund No. 53P/28, Account No. G304, to a new account in the Neighborhood Empowerment Trust Fund No. 44B/47 entitled: “Council District Two Neighborhood Council Grant Program,” for the purpose of providing grants to Neighborhood Councils, with the understanding that all expenditures from this account shall be authorized by the Councilmember representing Council District Two (PAUL KREKORIAN) and with the further understanding that any limitations currently existing on the purposes for which these funds can be expended shall continue to apply.

Forget about the fact that you are transferring money from all these other funds to shovel into Neighborhood Council (I wonder what the recipients of THOSE funds, despite what you think about those funds, have to say about this.)

But here's what caught my attention. Neighborhood Council is supposed to have money to spend on things they want to spend the money on. They are supposed to decide on how to spend their piece of the pie. THAT'S WHAT IT IS FOR. To do things council cannot do for you. BUT THIS SAYS THE EXPENDITURES shall be authorized by Councilman Krekorian? So what's the point? And I know he is Mr. Perfect Councilman, but doesn't this open it up for him to have his lap dog supporters come up with expenditures for Krekorian to approve that KREKORIAN wants approved. (Imagine if it was Huizar proposing this.) I know Paul Krekorian is PERFECT... but after ALL OF THE INDEPENDENCE AND AUTHORITY the NC system has been fighting for...NOW, you have to have Krekorian approve the expenditure? Again, what's the point. TOO MUCH POLITICAL LEVERAGE ON HIS PART.

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